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And So The Story Goes #62

on May 14, 2017

It has been a while since I heard from this fella. He was out of my mind when outta my sight LOL!

But since he helped me with a job at DL, I felt it was fitting to tell Mr EX that I had tendered my resignation from this awful DL…tyrannical, flip flopping liar!


“I have tendered my resignation. If she asks you, please say you don’t know why nor have I told you.”


For his sake and to keep both their professional relationship intact, this was best for Mr EX I felt.



“Now, let’s go tender for farmland and we do it together. Find big margins for profit. Let’s do fisheries or shell fishes. Not traditional farming”


“I do have knowledge of people who can do vertical farming, hydroponics or aquaponics. But farming veggies easier plus farm to table concept easier.”


“Google sources from USA, Australia or New Zealand for lobsters”


This is from a man who does not even boil water or pack his own travel bags. He does not even know how to top up radiator water or coolant!

Farming?! He is such a prima donna.

Plus he is clueless that our waters in lil red dot is far too hot.

Moron….marrons are popular in Land Down Under. Lobsters🤔?

Fishes? He forgets algae blooms that can wipe out entire schools of fishes.

Meanwhile he is raising funds for the sake of seeking sainthood. He has a bleeding heart but usually for wrong reasons is my take.

He is odd. He is smitten with the idea of wanting to help.

But wanting is a romantic idea as crowdfunding monies can be misused when incorrect. In this case, I felt it was so.

He, by wanting to help a person’s child who has scoliosis, is hell bent on crowdfunding.

But the patient’s medical images he sent me and I shared with my surgeons say it is mild scoliosis and surgery is not required. I checked with my trusted surgical team plus others to get an opinion.

Sigh…but he still wants to fly this person’s entire family (*a whole village) to seek “surgery” here.

I wish he does not do it as it is not right to do crowdfunding this way. Give others, who are needing it more urgently.

Ahhh well….his romance with wanting to do good I guess and so the story goes..  


One response to “And So The Story Goes #62

  1. Hmm, I suppose you have to give him credit for trying…

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