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Mass Exodus At DL Land

on May 15, 2017

It is official….all minions have tendered their respective resignations to DL.

DL appears not bothered. But we feel that it could be because she is too hoity toity to abase self to recognise her shortcomings.

DL beckoned Ms Bare Midriff to call some of the minions beseeching what went wrong! 

If at this stage they are unaware or feign ignorance, then may the Gods help thwack them on the heads to enlighten!

As minions we were unappreciated.

As minions we will leave with our heads held high!

Vive la freedom.

Vive le self worth.

Vive le self dignity.

Cheers to having the heart to have compassion and empathy always😊


One response to “Mass Exodus At DL Land

  1. Honestly…what’s the matter with the woman?!?🐲🐲

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