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A Day In Lil Red Dot For Me

on May 17, 2017

As I drove to work this morning, as usual I would be thinking of things. 

It is one of those times that my brain goes on auto pilot for driving and starts chugging on other things.

I reflected on Round 3 with Pricier Bird yesterday. 

I felt it went relatively okay, though I was not too sure if I had impressed the partner of the firm I was assigned to meet. He is one of two partners of the firm.

I was grilled on a couple of issues and I answered based on whatever knowledge I had. 

I was given the topic of what would I need to do for example for an EU Trade Pact with Russia and Singapore.

The session took about 45 minutes and when we parted ways, he asked if I had met the other partner and in my heart, I could hear my silent voice screaming ” oh gawd….is there a round 4″ – sheesh the wooing is taking a tad longer. 

I had already done my song and dance. I had wooed like no other. What other tricks would they expect of me?

Should I pose for them? My favorite pose below I could adopt?

Hmm…I wonder if this was meant to be? 

We shall see. 

He did say they will let me know in a couple of days’ time.

The news was on the radio as I continued on my route and I learnt of 2 fires yesterday; one was a fire at an incompleted construction site of one of the campuses of Indian International School that left 2 foreign workers, trapped on a gondola many storeys high. 

Thankfully, they were safely rescued, though they suffered sooty blacksmoke inhalation.

The other fire was a smallish one at Changi International Airport Terminal 2 – fire broke out in an air conditioned equipment room. 

To ensure it was not an act of terrorism, all flights were delayed and pushed to Terminal 3 and passengers were evacuated. 

Flights coming in had passengers disembarking on the tarmac. It is good that our safety standards are high as terrorists has struck many airports. We are on perennial heightened alert!

Glenn Ong the radio deejay was as always making me laugh. I was glad as my commute is a long one.

He had stepped out of the studio for a toilet break and the rest of the deejays, Flying Dutchman had a caller who called in to ask if the deejays would all go out and do a deed of kindness for an entire month and let fans run the radio station. *Me thinks this will cause havoc!! LOL!

The good deed the caller wanted was for all of them to help the elderly persons push the heavy carts of collected discarded card boxes for sale to earn income. ” Help them carry and push these card boxes to their homes or to wherever they sold it for income”

When Glenn Ong returned, the rest of the deejays did a mickey on him by saying the caller asked for Glenn Ong to do it!  

I laughed so loud. 

I love the hilarious synergy of this team on 91.3FM. They are my driving companions on radio.

As I stopped to get gas from Exxon Mobil, I met the usual elderly pump assistant, Mr Pump Guy.

 He is always having a ready smile for me when he sees me and immediately whipped out his wallet to pass me an $8 petrol voucher and quickly said we try to pump $60 into my car’s tank. He successfully did, doing it really slowly.

“Remember this month only, as the other gas station is undergoing renovation” – his toothless smile I will always remember. 

 Last month, the same kind Mr Pump Guy kept coupons for me to redeem free bowls of spaghetti for every $40 worth of gas pumped.

I would always give him the time of day to chat a bit as I have 15 minutes grace time before reaching my work destination. To him, I was a joy to his mundane morning.

I am so blessed to have the graciousness of Mr Pump Guy. 

He need not give me the vouchers but he did. 

For this,  I am grateful.

Reaching the office is never fun and I am eagerly counting down the days till I bid farewell.

Time for coffee…..

The entire team is leaving and I was frankly surprised as I thought I was the only one feeling the lousy attitude of DL and Ms Bare Midriff.

It seems they all felt it and chose to vote with their feet too. My existence there made them feel better and once this mad Garfield hugging loon was leaving, they decided to follow suit.

I never knew I had positively impacted their lives, albeit in such a short time.

Meanwhile, I just received another call to meet another entity this Friday….yet another bird in the bushπŸ˜ƒ





12 responses to “A Day In Lil Red Dot For Me

  1. calmkate says:

    good on you … another job again? Not the other partner from round 3?

  2. The V Pub says:

    A little wooing, a little coffee. Seems like the perfect combination for job interviews. πŸ™‚

  3. Any company representative willing to meet for COFFEE is a company worth working for! Can you tell I’m a HUGE coffee fan? πŸ˜€

  4. Missed this one…hoping things go well πŸ˜ΊπŸ’•πŸ’•

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