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on May 25, 2017

If I could have a pet, I would like to have a beagle. It’s calico patches are unique and they have a snout for a good sense of smell. Also it reminds me of Snoopy that lovely pooch creation of Charles Schulz!

If I could have a perfect job, it would be working on a bed and breakfast on a vineyard setting, with land to agist to sheep farmers. The setting could be in Perth, Western Australia. Think of the different seasons to enjoy and canola fields to enjoy as the yellow flowers brighten the land.

If I could, I would like to experiment on baking cakes, pastries and home cooked dishes. I currently do not bake and cannot cook. Ha! Ha! I can pretty much dream….

If I could, I want to be free of employment and be in something that keeps me busy and does not make me feel like I am working. It is said that if I enjoy my work, I will not feel it is working.

If I could, I would tell DL off on exactly what is wrong with her and her management style. I would not hold back and spew out the truth so that she knows and hopefully improves. The reason why I am not doing it is, it will not help her. Hard to…when one chooses to listen but not hear and whatever is said is wasted breath. I will save my saliva!

If I could, I would love to paint and create beautiful seascapes or landscapes. I think I would love to use oils as my medium or charcoal to sketch.  Frankly, I cannot paint nor draw for the life of me. I cannot even do stick figures! I think a photo might be the preferred medium.

If  I continue dreaming these silly things… will only continue to be an IF.

IFs in lives are not much use.

I spoke to an uneducated philanthropist…mega millionaire many times over and this really proves my theory that people get to be rich and successful in business not by education but good business acumen!

He shared his wisdom. Stop thinking and just do it! Hmm..Nike said the same too…Just Do It!


6 responses to “If….

  1. How is it going..have you chosen yet? Fingers and paws crossed for the best deal for you πŸ˜ΊπŸ’•πŸ’•xxx

  2. Very great post, Garfield!

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