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More Birds Above

on May 26, 2017

Happy Friday Folks!

Many of my friends on WordPress knows that I have had Lords from Hell over the last 3 jobs, including Dragon Lady.

8 June 2017 is my last day in the Dragon’s Lair as I take a short break before putting my paw print on a new Lord to slave under.

It is hard to make a decision of choice. Simply because having been burnt so often, I am wary and in one word, “scared” of worst Lords or equally bad Lords.

On Thursday evening, I had a surprise call at 8pm from a minion hunter. It seemed that I fit a minion profile for 2 Legal Lords.

Whilst these 2 new birds are circling above me like vultures over a potential new prey, I know that the wooing and dancing will take minimum of 4 rounds.

Summarily my choices are:

Sea Lord offers me $A.

Medical Lord offers me $2A.

Legal Lord 1 and Legal Lord 2 are both prepared to pay a minion $14A.

14 times more!!

I must be a moron to bypass this opportunity is my thinking.

But realistically, more $ means more work, more politics and ulceration.

Medical Lord will work me to the bones as I need to work 7 days a week. As to if I will be happy or not, I am unsure.

Sea Lord pays the least but I am assured of a 5 day work week and pretentiously possibly 9am to 6pm work times.

A wise friend on WP shared that sometimes they pay a little but will also squeeze me dry.

So why not take the highest and get squeezed the same way?

It is Friday…..I will need to do my cost benefit analysis but regardless, I start with Sea Lord first and continue to dance about till if I can grab Diamond Bird (Legal Lord)

Ha ha….me and my “avian” friends!! We shall see…


7 responses to “More Birds Above

  1. Don’t forget long term security as well…and where you will be happy. It’s always nice to be paid well, but weigh up who will be the most pleasant to work for…talk to other employees and don’t sell yourself short either..😺🌹xxx,

  2. scifihammy says:

    Oh dear – Decisions Decisions! 😀
    Since it appears that employers do not “tell the whole truth” I think you will only find out what it is Really like in any position once you are working there.
    Good luck with all your choices. 🙂

  3. calmkate says:

    Best would be if you had any contacts from amongst current or ex employees to ask what the conditions are like? Plus you need to be sure that you cover your own costs … but 5 days sounds much healthier than 7 … WT.
    Good luck whatever you decide and what an exciting lot of options are opening up! 🙂

  4. Money isn’t everything but it can help dull the pain. Good luck with whatever you decide …

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