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New Pals, Husky & All

on May 27, 2017

I met 2 enterprising guys recently for work matters. 

They had wanted to be a part of Dragon Lady’s lair as business partners.

Mr Plastic looked very familiar and I was not sure where I saw him before.

Being an easy going person, Mr Plastic shared that he often volunteers at temples.

Aaahh so that is a possibility where I may have seen him before.

He is a good, kindly lad and soon he and his partner, Mr Cheery, became fast friends of mine.

Sometimes it is just plain synergy and chemistry for things to click.

At the back of my mind, I was apprehensive at how greedy Ms Bare Midriff would be alongside DL. Would these 2 nice people get wolfed down by DL’s evil lying clutches? 

My fears were dissipated after chatting with them. They have good heads on their shoulders.

DL is clueless in business deals but sharky always name dropping who she knows and clout she holds. All fibs as I have checked 

DL’s bimbo Ms Bare Midriff always touts self to be the “brains” of a large conglomerate.

I kid you not….an exaggeration of self ego….nothing more.

These 2 nice chaps would bring life to the boondocks. 

Their goods are heavily demanded for homes and I was hoping to have them there.

Ha! I would have heaps to buy really. I hardly have time to shop and understand where they could fill a niche.

But rent is a killer as Ms Bare Midriff is using Rodeo Drive rates for a desert setting.

Reality is not there in her little hamster brain as she sees her barren site as Prada on Rodeo Drive in the bowels of Beverely Hills. Silly!

I was apprehensive as I worry that she would smooth talk or con these 2 nice gents of exorbitant rental that makes it hard for them to break even or profit from sales.

Thankfully Mr Plastic is firm but fair in his positioning and am relieved.

My gut feel is Ms Bare Midriff will crawl back to them as greed takes over or reality sinks into her cotton picking brain that one has to be realistic lest she faces barren land where no birds will roost. Just barren empty land filled with thorny mimosa weeds!

Meanwhile as friendship goes, I learnt that Mr Plastic has a handsome Husky breed dog.

Geuinely handsome isn’t he and well groomed! In our 33C or 34C heat, this magnificent pooch lives in aircon comfort!

Well loved by Mr & Mrs Plastic.

*photos are courtesy of Mr Plastic.

Thank you Mr Plastic and his partner, Mr Cheery, for meeting me. 

Here is wishing you all the best in your business endeavour and beware the greediness of DL and her sidekick, Ms Bare Midriff!


15 responses to “New Pals, Husky & All

  1. Good job you warned them…it’s always better to be safe than sorry! πŸ˜ΊπŸ’• xx

  2. And totally beautiful dog too!’🐺🐺🐺

  3. calmkate says:

    nice you had the connection and could warn them … and beautiful photos of the gorgeous husky

  4. Husky is my favorite, lovely share!

  5. ksfinblog says:

    Good to spread 😊 around

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