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Saturday…And So The Story Goes #64

on May 27, 2017

Mr EX has been silent and expecting me to find a novel way to work with him on a high tech farmland proposal.

So…the hamster in the brain runs full time on the wheel to think.

Mr EX has no time to think. 

He expects “Poof!” Business starts.

His lobster😣, fisheries or exotic shellfishes from Australia or New Zealand will not work as our climate and waters maybe too “hot”

Plus what do we know about aquaponics.


“Find a joint venture partner from NZ or Australia to work with here”


“Hard! Our waters not conducive. Maybe bees or apiculture possible”


“Bees good idea”


“Do you think manuka trees can grow here” 


“You asking me? I might as well ask the toilet bowl!”


He must have been texting me from the toilet. I sent him the image below.


“I was asking myself”


Moronic typical answer! Quick bucks do not work.

MR EX zips to my place and we sip tea. Half an hour is all he can spare as he must make millions. It stretched to an hour.

It was drizzling lightly but he had the good heartedness to ensure I am dropped at a sheltered area whilst he himself saunters in the rain from the car park.

Money is not everything and I know it as I pay heavily with my health on account of hard labor and ulcerations at work.


2 responses to “Saturday…And So The Story Goes #64

  1. He might hit upon a brilliant idea…one day! 🙋

  2. Neethu says:


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