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The Pooch That Birdman Finally Bought

This is the poodle that Birdman finally bought. 

Thanks to Samantha’s advice on potential respiratory problems (*her father’s a vet) for French Bulldogs, Birdman decided on a poodle.

 Do visit Samantha’s posts as it is really a great site for information on crystals and her darling cats!

Once it grows, he is going to give this haircut to the poodle…a teddy bear cut.

The name he gave this pet pup is BEAR BEAR ha ha!


TGIF…..Laugh & Be Happy


Mum’s Warning To Sons 


How One Knows If There Is A Spider On The Ceiling


More Wooing By Legal Lord

I was pleasantly surprised when I got a late evening call to say that Legal Lord is deadlocked!

I am one of two candidates that the Legal Lord liked very much.

I call the other, my nemesis!

I am sure the other will also call me his/her nemesis!

The witching hour and day is next week *date to be confirmed* to meet 3 top legal lords at 5pm.

I am glad to be still in the running for the minion role! 😅I heave sighs of relief!

Will they consider age? More mature, wiser and ability to handle a big corporation?

Or the fairer sex?

I am told that Legal Lord found me rather engaging and experienced. This is heartening.

I am witty, admittedly and oops sarcastic too!

Anyhows…..I pray hard….*bows head and prays* as this is truly a senior position with good business profile!

I am not complaining about Submarine Lord as generally thus far, the job is better than EL or DL.

But the difference between Submarine Lord and Legal Lord is compensation….4 sackfuls in difference! 

Plus 4 times more the office politics for sure!

Onward ho….next week! I hope my next meet up proves positive😇


New Ben & Jerry Flavor..Maybe?


Definition Of Mum & Wife

Mums and wives….. heroes 😉

Give your mums and wives a hug!!😚

And ignore bad translations….


Some Laughs For Wednesday


Birdman Picks A Pet For Son

Birdman is eager to buy a pet dog for his mildly autistic child as he discovered during their Sydney vacation that pets soothed his son. 

I am happy for him as he is a doting father.

So today, he was busy sending me photos of pedigreed miniature French bull dogs.

He asked me for my opinion on which one to buy?!

Option 1 – Sleepy & Dreamy were my thoughts! 😁 Not this one!

Option 2 – Superbly Adorable!! Need I Say More?😄

Option 3 – Disinterested & Not  A Poser ja ha🤔

Option 4 – Definitely Grumpy! Whatcha Looking At were my thoughts!

At $3,000 up to $20,000 a pup for its pedigreed papers is costly to me. 

Birdman told me the peak of ulimate pedigree ranged $15,000 upwards! *faint*

Maybe his pet French bulldog may pose as well as this pooch when older😉

As a cat, I have one question…I wonder if the French bulldog thinks this too? 😂

I stick to my inanimate furball Garfield…fuss free and depending on size the largest only cost my giver $360! Plus it lives forever.