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Sky Is Brightly Shining As I Leave My Post

on June 1, 2017

My exit interview with Ms Bare Midriff did not go well. 

It was in one word “stinky!”

I swore under my breath (*bad manners to swear but aaargh!!)

She does not know how to talk to me and I told her off! 

“If you are not prepared to listen and hear feedback then why bother asking for the sake of asking? 

Let’s just agree to disagree and then part. Let’s not waste time.”

What this organisation lacked was compassion and empathy. 

A member of staff had a sick child ad wanted to leave early from work.

She sought permission and was slammed on account there was “no one on the office.” 

Actually there were.

So I told Ms Bare Midriff point blank. “When your partner (*she works in an accounting firm but truly she is a bimbo) is not in town, you vamoose right?”

“If you were in her shoes and you have an ailing person at home and or dying, your partner refuses to give you time off to attend to and that person dies? How would you feel?”

Ms Bare Midriff gives me her blank bimbo stare. I knows she gets it but is too darn stubborn or humane enough to accept fault.

She is a proverbial liar and claims to sit on practically all sorts of “boards of companies” – the grim truth is that this 28 year old or at most 30 years old ans has no place in any board except in “Dragon’s Lair”

As you can tell, I am having an exit interview with a bimbo without conscience or kindness.

I am glad to leave this Dragon Lair. 

Between Ms Bare Midriff and DL, the 2 of them run an organisation with literally sleeping bears!

It is my last day and am counting down the hours I leave. 9 hours to go and tonight I meet the Duke of Yore πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile Ms Bare Midriff concludes that I leave because “I was tired and that I did not do a good job” instead of I leave because of “a genuine lack of empathy and compassion, money grabbing con jobs as well as a board that is non existent nor cares about its employees”

10 years this organisation has been in existence and turnover is massive.

My learning points… no lords and when it stinks, vote with my feet!


10 responses to “Sky Is Brightly Shining As I Leave My Post

  1. Edward Tan says:

    Freedom and liberation!

  2. Neethu says:

    Pathetic attitude…

  3. I think you have done the right thing…onwards and upwards with hope and determination πŸŒˆπŸ’•πŸ˜ΊπŸ’•

  4. My learning points… no lords and when it stinks, vote with my feet!


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