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Work Freedom – Day 3

on June 3, 2017

The story of my life has been that if I have free time, something will crop up to steal my precious time! Sigh!

My aircon unit for my bedroom has sprung a leak in pipes and this means refrigerant gas that keeps air cooled is going quite quickly.

Thankfully my regular contractor is able to get a new set for both rooms up and running next week. I can see my dollars flying out the window 😉

So, I have to be home whilst this gets sorted as old units are dismantled and new units put in. Some hacking on walls and replastering of ceiling works are required 

Aargh….dirt and debris! I have to be maid maria afterwards. I dread the work ahead. 

No gallavanting next week! Bummer!

I spotted this lovely doorbell whilst out today.

It fitted the look and feel of the wooden black fence, giving it the old English look.

Mr Odd Jobber from Dragon’s Lair called me to share his sorry tale.

Ms Bare Midriff decides to cut short his notice without fair dues. This is just so ugly as Ms Indian turns 365 degrees to be DL’s loyal runner and she is now going after Mr Odd Jobber just for fun as someone ‘died’ and made her the new ‘informal Queen’

It was not fair for Mr Odd Jobber who earned pittance and to be robbed of his rightful dues.

I shared with Mr Odd Jobber that he should seek help from the Ministry Of Manpower and explained his rights.

I cannot understand the wickedness of DL and her side kick to deprive him of his just wages.

Mr Odd Jobber has a wife and a 3 year old to fend for. Sigh!

I remember before leaving, DL was cross with volunteer farmers for planting veggies that grew into uneven heights and a sweet potato patch that crept along the earth bed.

She insisted for the leaves to be ripped out and demanded to know where the sweet potatoes were!

Though I am not a farmer, I know plants and veggies cannot be growing up to even heights. Sheesh even fingers are uneven in height and anything that is nature, grows on its own.

Since when can we command that veggies grow straight and of even heights?🤔

It also requires days or months before sweet potatoes get into shape and size.

There is no magical poof for a today magic for a seed planted and tubers form immediately!

She is a real nincompoop! 

The mountain of sweet potato leaves wasted just because DL feels it creeps on flower beds. Sheesh….can someone send her back to botany class!

Or maybe she is just plain dumb….an arm chair googler?

I am glad I left this horrid employer.


4 responses to “Work Freedom – Day 3

  1. mistermuse says:

    Garfield and I empathize with you. Some people in a position of power seem to get their kicks from kicking others while they’re down. You’re finding that it’s bad enough in business, but when the drunk-with-power person is leader of an entire country, you can’t TRUMP that! 😦

  2. Yes…absolute power corrupts absolutely. You’re well out of it xo

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