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Work Freedom – Day 7 Doctors & Duke Of Yore & Aircon Works

on June 8, 2017

My work date nears as the count down to 19 June 17 approaches. 

If anything else, I will miss my exploration of local Singapore sites. Just when I am enjoying itπŸ˜‰ sigh!! 

I feel like Crusoe, looking at flora and fauna of Singapore, fascinated by this or that critter which would tottle across my explorer’s path.

So much to do, in so little time.

There are interesting things to see in everyday life and I discovered the meaning of taking the time to smell the roses!

As I sit in the doctor’s clinic waiting my turn, I write my post.

Good news from doc…he says I will live but bloodwork could be better as my autoimmune markers are “high” as I have “inflammation”- nothing new! 

Today is a busy one as I need to buy season parking for my new work place. It is a toss up between parking some kilometers away and within the building.

Power walks or drenched in rain or sweat? Arriving fresh as daisies or stinky poo? Hmm…I would at least smell like Garfield if stinky poo ha ha!

$90 versus $190….comfort versus being caught in the rain getting to car at car park. Or public transport? My legs and spine would suffer really and I cannot risk falling.

I used to park in the Central Business District for a whopping $480 a month!  It has been a while since I paid for parking as my last 2 lords had their own property. Sigh…I procrastinated as my trip to the hospital took longer than expected. Postponed to another day as I still have days left.

I had another job opportunity come my way. 

Monday, yet another Bird….Legal Bird has asked to speak with me. The wooing begins.

I will be declining Medical Bird as I feel that is another horrid job with a potentially horrid Lord. Hmm….

Last night I bid farewell to Duke of Yore as he steps down from his post and I get to volunteer under a new Duke of Yore. I will miss him but he assured us he stays as adviser! 

I had fun working with this Duke and hope the new Duke is just as funny or better.

I wonder how this new Duke will introduce self to us?!

I will volunteer under a new committee that looks into employability and creation of jobs. 

This is a cause I need to champion I feel as many are displaced and job discrimination is rife against older workers.

I am Maid Maria at its peak as the installers would be in to remove and put in a new aircon unit. Dirt and debris…

Garfield needs to run for cover!! 


6 responses to “Work Freedom – Day 7 Doctors & Duke Of Yore & Aircon Works

  1. Well, fingers – and paws! – crossed that you are now on the upturn of the Wheel of Fortune. You deserve some good luck! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’•πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  2. Love this post, so awesome, Garfield!

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