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Conversation With Legal Birds

on June 13, 2017

2 legal birds sat with me in a room with a view.

I felt like Bond, James Bond.😁

Scene above overlooks the Collyer Quay area. This is part of Singapore River.

Questions fielded were fast and furious.

CEO Legal Bird had the floor. Managing Partner Bird kept looking at his watch.

  1. “Lawyers are difficult”
  2. “The position you are vying for has had 3 turns in 2 years”
  3. “Lawyers do not respect non lawyers”
  4. “You need to be Agony Aunt”
  5. “Systems in a mess”

The list went on as I calmly went through the replies.

“I am planning to take my LLM” would solve non legal status ha ha! Mr EX has been driving me to take this course with him so that I can do his homework at my expense!

I found out through my own interrogation that the other 2 minions left as one failed to execute and the other over promised and under delivered.

I gave proposed solutions and shared my view of how to get things done if I am appointed to office.

Undoubtedly the job is a toughie but I would not be in uncharted waters as I do this in all my jobs. It is my bread and butter skillset.

It was managing the prima donnas, the stoic refusers of change and millenials that were driving havoc to their firm.

This is the 6th largest legal eagle in the region and they have great plans of growth.

Questions they asked me if I had any?

My terms…

  1. “Partners must back my intiatives else I cannot succeed”
  2. “Budget”
  3. “Create a project team to clear backlog and let the current team manage the daily grind”
  4. “Review smarter, quicker and efficient systems”
  5. “Empathy & compassion”
  6. “No 12 hours of gabbing or hearing self glory as I have Garfields to hug”

The whole espionage took 1 hour and 45 minutes.

It ended with a handshake out of the room and another to the elevator.

Car park charges $15.78….welcome to town area reality.

As to if I nabbed the job…..I am waiting to hear feedback from them…..this is a nail biting moment.

*bows head and prays*


12 responses to “Conversation With Legal Birds

  1. calmkate says:

    how exciting, am also praying for you .. sounds demanding but as you said that’s exactly what you do and if they pay a fair wage then this could be tense but satisfactory employment, yeh πŸ™‚

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Thanks! 😊Yes as a kind blogger once advised me too that if it is the same “crap” at least I get a job that pays well. Ha ha! But as am told, there will be many rounds of wooing as they have a long list to pick and choose from. To snag it, I must excel in all rounds 😊

  2. Lol…for some reason I’ve been thinking about James Bond and then you mention him…omen? Stunning views, fascinating to see.
    It sounds like the interview went well – you answered clearly and concisely and were not afraid to state your own requirements. Just keep your cool, you’re doing so well! πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. HN says:

    Sounds like a tough interview and you did well. Best of luck to you.
    (The river is so clean!)

  4. Haha Gosh your posting are so funny…

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