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Bird Man Returns From Sydney, Australia

on June 15, 2017

Bird Man has been silent as he has been busy travelling from Hong Kong to China and to Vietnam for his business in avian matters.

Though he is unable to wrangle a job as the market is quiet, he has been “self employed” doing fairly well for self in the bird acessories business.

In fact he did so well that he went for a week in Sydney with his wife and 2 boys.

Bird Man used to live in Sydney for 6 years as a student there. Below photos are courtesy of Bird Man.

Sydney Opera House – One of the world’s wonders!

Oysters are his favorite…

Freshly shucked oysters….

Baked oysters with cheese…..

Yes…..Bird Man is a true blue Singaporean…..a foodie!!😃👍

And a great sunset to end his trip…

Today we sat and talked over “yum cha” (*dim sum lunch) about old times and we both wondered how long Electrical Lord would last.

We both felt karma would catch up with him in time.

The only good thing that came out of EL’s work place was my friendship with Birdman.

I told Birdman to have faith and believe that he makes a better business man than being an employee!

We all need to believe in selves as it is with self faith that we get to be where we want to be. 


4 responses to “Bird Man Returns From Sydney, Australia

  1. Yes at least you made a friend while at EL’s…something good. Interesting man too 😺 xxx

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