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A Friend’s Artwork

on June 19, 2017

They say a picture paints a thousand words….

Selina, sister of Marleeeena(!), had started to dabble in “drawings” so she says!

I feel it is “art” and I quite like her “arty farty” style! 

They say art must “reasonate” with the person looking at it. It did for me as I cannot draw nor paint for nuts!

Below is her rendition of the cable cars plying between Sentosa island and Mount Faber.

Below is our local “infamous” cockerel rice bowl that is synonymous to many a household.

Notice how she tends to leave a lovely greeting for each pictorial. 

Below are pictures of birds she drew and had it imprinted on white mugs!

I loved this one below as it gave a little tinge of Van Gogh…the torrid or turgid skies as they say! This style reasonated very much with me.

I think she is a budding artist and I encourage her on!


5 responses to “A Friend’s Artwork

  1. Oh definitely, she’s great! 😺

  2. Lost half my comment….how is the new job going??? I really hope it’s all right and you’re getting on ok 💕

  3. scifihammy says:

    She does have a unique style. You should always follow your passion. 🙂

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