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Friday Cameth, Friday Wenth….

on June 25, 2017

Friday came on 23 June 2017. I awaited eagerly for news of my interview outcome with Legal Lord as I walked along Tanjong Rhu Promenade.

By 7pm, I knew I lost out as there was no news.

My handphone did not ring nor did I receive any inclination of success.

On Thursday I was told that I was one of two candidates that the Legal Lord liked very much. They were torn between which one to choose.

My nemesis and I….I am saddened that my nemesis may have taken the job from me. 

I guess my nemesis had the X Factor that I did not have.

For me….I faced the bleak truth….this fantastic opportunity has eluded me.

I did my best. 

Sigh 😕 I shall just wait next week for the official decline of my potential candidacy.

Meanwhile Mr Ability To Earn has returned from Orlando, USA.

We had a quick catch up on things and of course good food like typical foodie Singaporeans.

We tried a new almond creme dessert served in young coconut. $9 a piece and worth every morsel or spoonful. Not sweet, but tasted great!

We shot the breeze as they say. Market is quiet but he is still doing well and I was happy for him. 

He does have the Midas Touch, unlike MR EX who has the “touch and die” biz touch or “earn & give all to his bimbo” touch😉

The saga of our late founding father’s 38 Oxley Drive was still unfolding. 

If the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew knew, he would turn in his grave as to how his 3 children’s dirty linen is washed in public over his abode. It is always about estate!

The issue is simple really – demolish or keep the house as national heritage.

In our local laws, 38 Oxley Drive could jolly well be conserved as national heritage as this was where great politicians gathered to build Singapore. It was their hub of activity back then.

This is a private affair of how the late Mr Lee “bequeathed 38 Oxley Drive to PM Lee” but PM Lee’s brother and sister are waging battle through social media.

PM Lee is reminded of conservation but his siblings want the house demolished.

I hope they all find resolve and may it be “win-win” all round. I hope they interpret the will well and conforms to the wishes of the late PM Lee Kuan Yew.

For sure familial ties are strained and I doubt it will heal, much like mine.

If there is anything that I were to inherit in my lifetime, I bet my brother and his mistress, a.k.a Lizard will fight tooth and nail for, including my sister. Sadly in my “family” it is about winner takes ALL!

Who knows….my own family saga or drama would evolve if anything happens to my folks. Haizzz…

At least I have a gift to scent my worries away from Mr Ability To Earn….Yankee Candle hand carried from.Orlando USA….of my favorite scent….Cranberry!! 😃


14 responses to “Friday Cameth, Friday Wenth….

  1. families fighting over the will of the deceased … that is ever the case , isn’t it? i think they should follow his wishes and demolish the house. lee kuan yew was mindful that the house if preserved will stop all development of that area…that is why in his will, he said it should be demolished. and i think he is right. and i think he himself is mindful of not making himself into a cult figure and the house into a shrine. as it is there is a danger of a dynasty in the making. there are very few potential leaders coming up in the next generation , in such a small country like singapore, and there is the danger to make the son of the present prime minister the heir apparent.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Well said and shared. For you to have a comprehension of our going ons is admirable and yes, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew has expressedly said he did not wish to be a cult like figure.☺

      • oh, i did not know he actually said that, but i kind of know his character…after all he featured so strongly in all our lives for people of my generation…and we have seen and heard him and followed him during all those years when he was playing such a big part in the formation of singapore, i think we got to know his character quite well and i just felt he wont like it at all being a cult figure or revered excessively.

  2. scifihammy says:

    Sorry that you did not hear back from LL.
    Looking on the bright side – At least you are no longer with EL or DL!

  3. Yes, sorry to hear that, but onwards and upwards 🌌🌌🌌
    Dessert looked interesting…was it served in a coconut?

  4. Edward Tan says:

    Ooops, just read this piece and found you were within touching distances to the job. Anyway always look to the bright side of life!

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