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Popularity Or Group Dynamics?

on June 26, 2017

Obama’s administration was lauded as most golf ever played by any American President. (*I never realised this till someone articulated it!)

Kim jong-Un is forever remembered as the dictator who fired nuclear missiles and allegedly ordered the “hit” on his half brother – used 2 women to smother him with poison chemicals in Kuala Lunpur Airport, KL. Death was near instantaneous, in minutes!

Trump is forever a Twitter fan and all things on social media! He handles his own media as he distrusts them.

Main stream print media “hates” him with a passion.

Yet…people either love them or hated them. Each has their own group dynamics and supporters.

Johnny Depp has uttered on telly that it has been a while “since an artist has assassinated a President”😱

Trump’s era thus far has provided laughs….blame it on social media age as days of yore such mass circulation of jokes would not be at all possible!

At work, the dynamics are the same. The Lord is the the supreme being.

The Lord has left and right wing supporters or I call “whisperers” – Unfortunately they are not of Sid Caesar kind but almost like Decepticons of Transformer kind! Evil!

Who sits where and with whom shows the “clicks” or factions that form naturally within a company.

During our post minion outing, I was alerted to this when our Lord suggested drinks after.

I saw the die hard two minions who sat with Submarine Lord. 

I decided to sit with the “regular guys” on pretext to bond. These guys looked sane not political as they are in their 60s.

I saw the relief on the faces of the 2 die hard minions. Newbie me knew my position in the social stratum of work life, declined invitation to sit down with Submarine Lord and they felt an immediate sense of victory.

Their turf is “safe” – I feel “right” at home….just like another street turf gang fight, stating “kingdom”.

My work saga begins as I deal with Ms Airhead who bonds well with Ms Old Fart, like Survivor pairings, to survive!

Onward ho….let the games begin!


4 responses to “Popularity Or Group Dynamics?

  1. scifihammy says:

    Love the names you come yup with! I can so visualise these workmates.
    Just think of all the posts they will provide fodder for! 🙂

  2. Always makes me nervous, the first few days, finding who are allies and who to avoid…quite sure you can handle them though!

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