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Anger Not Thy Wife…

Know that you are at….

And enjoy the muffins she bakes…haha! My sister baked these in Kiwiland and sent me a photo😊



I could try doing this on Monday….🤔

Long workday Monday for me and am glad it is alnost Tuesday! Onward ho to Tuesday!😃


True Meaning Of ICU



Love, romance or lust?

If lust, it quickly turns to dust.

Is lust a must?

If so, lust blows love like a gust,

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!

Is noble romance fair and just?

Or is it all about lust?

Lust, oft times unjust,

Like a knife, it kills love just!


Addicted To Selfies?


Walking With Dad

I have decided to spend Saturdays bringing dad for walks. This is to help prevent his brain from going into full mush.

Whilst it is mild cognitive impairment now, I want to try my best to prolong this stage.

Hopefully by forcing him to walk and see things, he will keep his mind active and busy instead of retarding at home.

So whilst my left leg hurts, I mustered strength to do it despite last night’s sleep being eventful as I kept getting leg cramps!

Believe it or not, toes cramps too!

Calf cramps, back of leg cramps…both legs and it was utterly painful and relentless! Aargh!

Anyway off I went with dad. Together we did 9,000 steps each! Whoo hoo! 

The Botanics Tree Top walk was where we went.

We even went to the Heritage Museum and learnt that the land which Botanic Gardens sit on once belonged to Whampoa Hoo Ah Kay. He donated it to the British leaders back in the 1850s and Mr Niven helped to bring in the elements of UK’s Kew Gardens.

We saw these wood carvings of creatures.

I took the ginger torch flower photo for mum who could not join us as she had house guests to entertain. Mum loves this flower as it is used as a salad flavoring.

There is story behind why I took these photos of wild bananas below which were growing in the heritage gardens.

Last night I was out with mum grocery shopping and she paid $1.80 for 5 of these tiny bananas. She baulked at the cost but I told her it must be because it is heritage bananas! She muttered it was not even organic. Ha ha! So to rub it in, I took these photos to show her!

Saw these mangrove roots.

Flower vase of Whampoa Hoo Ah Kay. He has a road named after him here as well as a hawker center.

Start of Tree Tops walk.

Saw the Lady in the Hammock which was commissioned by David Marshall, one of the all great lawyers in Singapore. He has since passed on.

Dad was excited seeing all the cat fish in the lake. Really whopper sizes but the murky water does not show it well.


Sarcasm Brings Laughs


My Math Teacher Never Taught Me This🤔


No Green Thumbs…Fear Not….



Like a bird in a flock I soar,

But without a lion’s roar.

Muted and saddened, my tears pour,

Wiped away using Garfield paws!


Realities of life make me a bore,

Fake laughter oft times masks me to the core.

I should be happy I have a job, what more?

But I am truly sore.

 Just me and my moans ha ha! I am off for a walk and hope to post nice photos next!

Happy Saturday folks!😃