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Friday Think Thoughts

on July 7, 2017

12 more days to a month will have passed since I started as a minion with Submarine Lord. How quickly time flies!

Whilst I am deeply disappointed that Legal Lord has gone into a silent retreat state, I pondered to self if this was a sign that it is not meant to be…hmm…

I have given up Medical Lord as this chap seems to be like Electrical Lord type species and with 7 days a work week, it will be grueling – I will have no life, except work, home, eat, sleep and work. Not worth the money they pay for selling my soul to the devil.

Story of my work life LOL! Or I prefer putting it down as no work luck! Some people have all the work luck. 

They work in their first and last job – happily in their cocoon, ignoring any potential greener pasture out there. 

I wish I could be that placid. 

Surely there is more to life than the little circle of sky I see from my well – this frog in the well wonders what is out there in the blue yonder LOL!

I will be meeting with MR EX and his boys to debate his idea of farming. 

Lately MR EX is hell bent on getting a farm business started. But I often chide him for being a person who is clueless as to how to get from Point A to Point B but he sees a gazillion dollars to be made. Perhaps this is what distinct him from being a business man whilst I am a studier of things and can never be a business person.

I am one who needs to do a feasibility study or do due diligence before I embark on any business plan, aggressively. Perhaps I have been in a structured business framework too long to consider flying with the wind or as they say, throw caution to the wind.

For one, I do not have millions to throw and I do not mean a million leaves but money!!

MR EX is a true blue businessman, who goes by his gut instinct and this time round, he wants to use me…yup…”USE” as in maximse or “milk” for free LOL!

I have ideas and contacts – he wants to use these resources of mine and turn it into a useable source of income.

I will be of use to him to pay for his family’s next acquisition of Prada or Gucci bags 😉

I dislike his bimbo with a passion as she milks him for every penny’s worth but because he is hen pecked, he will suffer in silence and be her ATM, 24 hrs, 365 days a year. There is no parity and he remains a nomad, every day out there. beavering for his next pot of gold where the leprechaun left it to present it to his divine bimbo. But my pity for him is wasted as he continues with it. I believes he enjoy it too LOL!

His karma is my take and I often tell him so. In telling him the hard truths, we go into a war of words via social media LOL!

His choice and whilst I enjoy poking him on his sad state of life affairs, we get laughs out of it.


12 responses to “Friday Think Thoughts

  1. Hmm tricky. You are so clever you could definitely make a go of it…but I think you would have to do a study like you said…

  2. singapore will always need fresh food supplied from its neighbours, i can see why mr ex sees huge potential in that. there is a lot of land in johor. to grow all the chinese veg that we all like.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Fully agree. Some have moved to Batam to farm

      • batam , in indonesia? ya, lookng at google, it is one of a number of islands south of singapore. and very well placed to grow veg on. hmm, i wonder if one day singapore can buy them off indonesia.haha. like saudi bought some island from egypt. but then the saudis have way more money than singapore.

  3. oh, how about the new methods of growing veg, no soil just water in hanging structures . for land poor singapore it might be ideal. here in uk they are doing it, growing tomatoes in green houses without soil. singapore can grow tomatoes all year round.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Hydroponics, aquaponics…yes thanks…these are ideas we are looking at. Great if we can do it here as a farming plan for Mr EX 😉. To save space we are looking at vertical farming too

  4. oh, i hope he succeeds. i think it a very exciting venture.

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