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And So The Story Goes #68

on July 10, 2017

It was a meeting with 5 men and I was the only rose. 🌹

The venue was Starbucks al fresco! Gawd…I hoped the mosquitoes were not on a feeding frenzy! 

2 men plus MR EX formed his team. 2 men were my business contacts; men of good stature in society helming good positions in the Lord’s world.

The plot thickens as the topic was on how to proceed to tender for state land to do agri or aqua farming. 

We sipped lattes…or chai for Mr India.

MR EX arrives fashionably late as usual and apologised ever so profusely yet eye balling me.

He patronises people by pretending to be warm and bubbly. Great business man, I admit! I am candid or obtuse or both πŸ˜‰


“Hi..pleasure to meet you” as he met Mr India and Prof. 

“Hello to familiar face” as he looked at me.




I frowned as I knew he was not going to be on his best behaviour.

As I sipped on my Starbuck tall latte, ideas flew fast and furious.

We discussed fisheries, growing types of fruits that cannot be grown in lil red dot unless under climatic control mimicking countries with 4 seasons as well as sprouts…we needed a type of produce with good profit margins.

Anything that had good profit margins was MR EX’s ideal crop.

We were floored by the prospective tender price for the land.

It could be $100,000 a month x 12 months x 20 years (*max land tenure) to be paid lump sum at SGD24 MILLION if we want an inch through the farmimg door. 

*SGD24 MILLION = USD17,368,795.76

SGD24 MILLION = Β£13,481,698.43

SGD24 MILLION = €15,240,629.26

This was the exorbitant going rate. 

We might as well buy plots in India, Batam or Thailand were my thoughts!


“What sort of produce can we farm to reap capital cost, much less profit for that sort of capital investment?”

It was a steep investment up front.

Mr EX’s boys chimed in to say that the problem does not end there as some of the other criteria to be eligible for tender is to have an existing farming licence, new innovative technology and a choice of produce to farm.

Yet more hurdles!

This means we have to partner a farmer….the farmers remaining are in their 60s, IT averse and ready to give up except for Frog Farmer Gal who is youngest.

She farms ribbits…ribbits or croaks croaks for their hind hippity hopping legs for the dinner tables!

Mr India is the engineer or we call tech guy. 

He gave a myriad of ideas but Prof chimed in to share that pond water fish was not as heavily liked by restauranteurs when compared to salt water fish farming method. This was true. We needed brine or salt water fishes…groupers or sea breams!πŸ‘

Besides we feared algae bloom which could kill all fries or grown fishes, unless our technology was superb if not farming in the seas.

Professor shared that Panasonic is already using UV light to farm salad type veggies. Vertical farming technology with UV lights that grew salad veggies at quick speeds and germ free.

My view was that aging farmers are disinterested to pursue modern farming methods as capital cost is high and with 20 year lease, it would be hard to recoup cost.


“Wow! If I commit to it for 20 years, I could sink!!”


Finally the moron recognises that farming on a whim is unwise. I had wanted him to see this!


“I might as well run a bordello and Garfield Hug be the mama san. She can make a booming business for me”


“Slander and defamation against my good name…my lawyer will see you in chambers”


“It is good money and you can manage it” he eggs on, choosing not to hear my comment.


By now his team, Prof and Mr India’s eye balls were popping out of their respective sockets as he will not let up on his teasing me or I prefer his brand of humor.

MR EX Team Mate 1

“We are managing condos in Geylang and prostitution is rampant there as owners let their units out those these in sex trade. Big headache and issue managing the properties as we get raided by police every week”

Time flew and by 10pm we got up to leave. 

I was to leave with Prof.


“Did you drive?”


“No, catching a ride back with Prof”


“You are coming with me”


He started spouting more rubbish ad nauseam so much so that I went with him meekly….

Anything to shut him up as these 2 contacts of mine are business contacts. I had a reputation to keep.


“I fine you $100 for all the ludricous rubbish you spouted,” I grumbled when I sat in the car with him. “Pay up” as I palmed out.


” Why do you need $100?”


“To buy perfumeπŸ˜‰ Pay up!”


I spouted perfume for fun as an excuse of an item I could use it for.


” You don’t need to attract anyone…why would you need perfume”


“Aargh….for me and Garfield not to be stinky poo!!” 


I punched, pinched and slapped his shoulder before I exit his car. My thumb and fingers hurt in trying to do so.

And so my ulcerating story goes…. as I climbed out of his car on arrival at my unit.

I left without a dime….bahh!!

Worst part was the tall latte kept me wide awake till 3am this morning!😩


“See you later” he said unflinching at my pinch, punch or slap! Sigh!!

Post Script: This series may end as a blow out erupted after this. Magma must subside after overflowing lava…..solidify or cool…..


5 responses to “And So The Story Goes #68

  1. ya, i can see the problems… and whatever u produce still have to compete with what malaysia, or indonesia can produce and they are bound to be cheaper… also any produce needs water, lots of it, and that is expensive in singapore. might be better to partner with malaysia or indonesia and produce farms there. but partners can bring a whole new set of problems not to mention they are in another country.

  2. Rude little man…hope you’re ok after that confrontation! Maybe though, he can acknowledge the issues now..

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