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Wednesday Moans…..In An Ever Demanding World

on July 12, 2017

“Boring” is one word I could use to describe my current minion role.

But I should not complain as people are nice so long as I keep within my territory.

I learnt something “key” here – “stay within your boundaries” as these are fiercely demarcated lines for territorial beings.

Staff welfare is good – meaning we have a well-stocked pantry with lots of beverages, biscuits, snacks etc. Also, Submarine Lord does organize a fair bit of events every 2 months for minions to do.

Their existence since 1986 is showing signs of being complacent. Having come from a fast paced business environment, there is no oomph or zest for minions to strive for sales as sales are pre-destined for them through share holders. No need to fight for the next bowl of gruel, as they say, as handouts are there!

Many have stayed – their first job is their last job and many of the minions are seniors…seriously senior citizens and my head honcho is not doing anything visible for succession planning.

The environment, coupled with work styles make it easy for the minions to stay. There is job stability and no long drawn meetings [I am in my first month and so am a newbie still observing]

Whilst I have to be grateful for the environment, I worry about my mental capacity – do I then languid and deteriorate with them?

Gee, when will I ever be satisfied?

But seriously, I am worried for my future ie if I want a retirement role, then this is the best place to be in. Otherwise, I may still be able to climb that ladder and move some things in the business world.

I am nutty I guess….I have some wages but feel that I need more work to add to my self-development.


8 responses to “Wednesday Moans…..In An Ever Demanding World

  1. calmkate says:

    this position certainly resolves your previous employer hassles .. any chance of making your role a bit more challenging, expanding it out .. if its really ‘boring’ it motivate you to look for something more ‘challenging’ in your social life, just a suggestion as life is more than just work 🙂

  2. I think ck has some good advice there…for the moment, your bills are paid and you have a regular wage. Just need to win that lottery 😺💕😺

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