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Thursday This Or That

on July 13, 2017

I was humbly reminded by CalmKate (CK) in her usual kindly style of reminding me to do something for self after my post yesterday, “Wednesday Moans In An Ever Demanding World”.

This morning, I received this lovely message from Chef William, whom I met briefly as a colleague and have remained fast friends through texting. Without fail, every morning at 7am I will have received 2 “good morning messages” – this morning he was a tad late and I wondered if he was ok? I was glad to see his message at 8am.

Both CK and Chef William jolted me to post this as a running sequence to my post yesterday.

I would recommend that you swing by and check out CK’s blog site at as she does give one, a lot to think about – to reflect and remind us where we are at, in our lives. Thanks CK.

*I hope the links work as this is my first time trying!”🙈🙈

Submarine Lord is “ok” so far – old fashioned, territorial and lacking co-operation amongst colleagues is the work style.

Silo management, to each your own!

This is different from today’s mantra of staying connected, embracing technology and staying relevant.

I find this pace slow and easy to switch off after going home at 6pm sharp daily. As to if this will last, I am wary and am not holding my breath! Once bitten, twice shy or in my case – halloo heaps of times!!

Yes, I feel uneasy – perhaps this is exactly what CK meant. I have not had the time to do something for self.

For most of my life, I am always slaving for a Lord.

If I was not slaving, I would be tackling my medical issues and still slaving from my hospital bed.

Slaving is the mantra of my life – unhealthy.

I do things for others too.

I volunteer at the Duke of Yore and last evening, I was at our usual council meeting.

There are many events lined up for this or that to help the marginalized and unemployed.

Duke of Yore’s tongue in cheek comment that the simple buffer dinner was “partial payment” for our 3 years of committed slavery, made me smile to self. Next week, we will be sworn in again as knights of the Duke of Yore. Yes, I will be shackled to this good deed entity again.

Thankfully I will not chair this committee looking at Employability & Life Long learning. Again, this is like a sign from above that the key intent is for me to REST and devote time to self.

I pondered on this and recognized that perhaps, Legal Lord’s non offer of a job to me was another sign for me to REST.

Frankly, I am tired. I have been running on a hamster wheel doing everything and anything for lords, family and others – but not for self.

In fact, those I have helped, including  MR EX have not been appreciated as on hindsight, I realized that I am nothing more than a vassal for their economic gains.

This brings me to some tinge of sadness….my existence is to be manipulated by others. Sigh! I must be a moron to be blind o all this? Or maybe it is because I do not stop and think of the intentions of any person seeking help.

I help with heart and grace – I need not think and wonder what I will get out of it but instead, I feel that the person needed my help and if I was in a position to do so, I did.

I was hoping that if Legal Lord had offered me a position, I would have loved to take a 2 month hiatus and really go around lil red dot, doing things I like and seeing lil red dot’s flora and fauna.

But as luck will have it, this was not meant to be. Aah well…que sera sera…what will be, will be!


Tears and fears in my heart I hold,

Stories I have, are never told!


Sometimes sad, sometimes bold,

Often times, I am treated cold!


Silly ethics and moral values I hold,

Solace I find, hugging Garfield tight in my hold!


Not a sheep I am, I will never enter a fold,

Unfortunately, I am not greedy for gold.




8 responses to “Thursday This Or That

  1. calmkate says:

    wow nice place to come Garfield .. thanks for the plug and now you need to learn to stop giving others your power, to live life for you .. you so need to rest and unwind, to yourself be ever so kind 🙂

  2. Just make use of the time to rest your spirit and refresh your soul 😺💕

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