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Things That Annoy Me….

on July 16, 2017



Things that annoy me….when people lie! 

Aahh but Gregory House M.D. already spewed “everybody lies” – I ought to know better!

Things that annoy me….when I feel I have been cheated! 🤔 

Heck! I know it when friends fail me, colleagues back stab me or emotions get played.


Things that annoy me….office politics, stabbed without knowing how the knife was plunged!


Things that annoy me….after putting freshly laundered clothes onto the clothes line and it starts to rain!

Gawd! The skies could have sent me a text in advance right?😣Sheesh!


Things that annoy me….when you help with heart & soul and realized that one has been taken for a ride!

All the whinning and crocodile tears and then I got into a ride of a life time that left me stranded! Aargh…learn you moron! Learn!


Things that annoy me….when a dish you thought you were good at whipping up fails beyond resuscitation!

Pathetic looking really….CBR as the forensic chap on Hawaii Five-O would quip…Charred Beyond Recognition😉


Things that annoy me…when the last word of a crossword puzzle cannot appear!

Almost perfect but then up pops a word that is truly senseless…who would use such a word these days!


Things that annoy me…when the leg starts to hurt and it is followed by the rest of the body protesting!

This annoyance will have to stay…it is just never going to go away till a surgeon interferes!


Things that annoy me….heaps really….


The thing that annoys me most is that I really am born without choices.


By the time I wanted to decide and choose on things, I realized that my siblings have taken all and I am left with Hobson’s choice.


I wonder who died and made me the “eldest” since my eldest sister has abstained from all family matters. To her, it is a case of hey ho…I am too far for anything…do not bother me, as I have no time and am 8 hours flight time away, whilst bro is 4.5 hours flight away. “Shoo….scram…scat!”

 Latest taunt by bro is he alleges that I am INSANE…once I am declared a lunatic then hey, winner takes all 😉

I can picture it when it is time for apportionment of wealth. Money does not divide distance. 

Come hell or highwaters, there is no mountain high enough nor river deep enough to prevent one from muscling in on wealth. 

Sheesh! I could write the next Hollywood or Bollywood block buster.

The 38 Oxley Road saga for the Lee siblings have taught me something – watch out, this could happen to anyone of us…with property or real estate. LOL!


I told mum and dad squarely over dinner last Friday that our little unit of 3 siblings are equivalent to the Lee trio. It was the same argument of keeping family wealth or bulldozing it down to a rubble.

Both my siblings declared that they want cold hard cash! Heck…if I, the singleton should croak like frog, they wondered what happens to my little pot of gold. Sigh!


Dramas…..I could live without….

I am annoyed with my list of annoying things. Such annoyance must not annoyingly linger on ha ha!


7 responses to “Things That Annoy Me….

  1. calmkate says:

    lol … are at least you are in the will, my kind siblings wrote me out some time ago … something about I’m away too often .. any excuse will do to increase their share 😦

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Morons is all I can say….aahh…but a will these days can be contested and outcome is everyone loses as lawyers get the fee. The trick for me is expect nothing and walk away….the best is for one to be self sufficient and economically viable. What is meant to be, will be. If not, it will not be😉

      • calmkate says:

        and my siblings know I will do that, just walk away … the eldest even remarked that he only leaves my sister in because he knows she would take it to court … now they have managed to cut the youngest out but somehow his wife know and she is more savvy, she’s taking it on directly with mother …my father would be turning in his grave [was cremated] if he thought for even a moment that any of his grandkids would be excluded .. but greed is a very nasty monster and I have no wish to battle with it 😦

  2. You manage to extract humour out of the irritations, nonetheless!

  3. You have to laugh…or walk away…at least we CAN choose our friends! I have 2 younger half sisters by my father’s second marriage and an older half brother as well from my mother’s previous relationship…most of the time I say I’m an only child!!

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