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Old Hag & Vespers

on July 21, 2017

The office environment is as quiet as a church, no one does any speaking to each other. This is the work culture.

I was “caught” for fraternizing and was duly chided when I popped round to say hello to one of the guys. Apparently the mole in my department had immediately ratted on me and the minute I stepped out of the person’s room, I was summoned before Old Hag.

Old Hag wanted to know why I was in his room, what I had chatted about and not to ever do it again! Sheeh! Might as well put a bug on me so that she can eavesdrop on every word I said right?! LOL! Now I know how cops interrogate suspects!😃

So, I have learnt my lesson and “know my place” – only greet colleagues in the hallway to the toilets or to the common lifts. Interesting work culture I might add.

27 people only in the office and yet this is the case – Old Hag hides behind a wall of mystery and organizes “team building events” such as taking a walk or next month, we will all trot down to a soup kitchen to help out! The waking hour of 4.30am is required and I was “told” to use my own car, at my own cost to pick colleagues from different parts of lil red dot!

I explained with puppy dog eyes that puhleese you me, I know not directions and anyone who comes with me, runs the risk of not ever making it there on time or not at all! Seriously, if I am the appointed cab driver, does it mean that I have to be up by 3am to start picking people? I might as well not sleep!

Besides I have 10 spinal implants and no one is safe with me in any moving vehicle of mine. times like these, I wished I drove a Lotus or Ferrari – 2 seater, no passengers sorry! LOL! Automatically deters twits with an awesome car!

This is my only complaint really and that is, all this fake camaraderie is not sinking in for me. 

If Old Hag wants us all to be in silos, I will happily be a silo and practice the vow of silence like the Carmelite nuns!

Couple of days back, Submarine Lord asked me to his office to chat! First time in a month since I walked through the double leaf glass door! Knowing the mole would report to Old Hag, I immediately sent an email message to specify what was said so that she had a roving report, which was certainly much better than what mole would report 😉

Yes….I can be an idiot if I wish to! I am used to swamping people with needless information or too much information! If this makes Old Hag happy then happy I will make her!

Out of 27 of the morons here, 50% have worked here as their first jobs and will leave as their last jobs. Old Hag is a die hard power crazed woman, having overthrown Submarine Lords who come and go every couple of years. She is an icon here of 30 years and can be placed on a mantel for veneration of a relics!

Her rice urn is important and she is guarded, with backing from her minions of equal vintage. “Protectionism” best played!

I laugh inwardly as succession planning is a problem. Actually, it is nonexistent and this was one key point that Submarine Lord raised in our easy chit chat! But I ain’t squealing as I am not relic status!

I am not bothered as I ain’t the head honcho – I am a smallish minion who has Old Hag towering over me. It is her duty, not mine LOL!


8 responses to “Old Hag & Vespers

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    Ignore Old Hag ~ she has to go eventually, for one reason or another. ❤

  2. You seem to be pretty unlucky with your bosses! Each one seems to be progressively worse…

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Yes, no bosses luck! But by far, Submarine Lord is definitely better than my last 3 morons!! This is why I have given up on prayers…the harder I pray, the bigger the moron of a boss😉

  3. Oh dear…honestly, she does sound a bit power crazy…maybe she’s just trying to intimidate the new girl…

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