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on July 22, 2017

I have not been out and about much this weekend as I am engrossed in Hong Kong soaps, each lasting 30 episodes of an hour per episode.

Best entertainment since today I had my left leg injected with steroids and pain killers as ligaments are protesting!

Produced under TVB, these soaps are in Cantonese and it brings to me, a sense of nostalgia as I re-live my days when I lived in HK.

I am currently watching “Sniper Standoff” starring stars that I know their faces but not their names LOL! Typical me!

But thanks to Google, I realised that I enjoy watching Bosco Wong, Bobby Au Yeung, Wong Chiyin and Michael Tse.

Plots are always the same; jealousy, love, crime, justice and evilness!

In the 90s, I went as a fresh grad to work and live in Fragrant Harbour (Hong Kong literally means this!) without understanding a word of Cantonese and left knowing the language enough to converse a little.

This was my achievement LOL!

Fresh off the boat (actually off the plane) from Oregon, USA, I was greeted by badly polluted air and walking space that was ridiculously reduced. 

I had to jostle for a space on the MTR, sidewalk, eating space and living space.

Monthly, like clockwork, I would be down with bronchitis. 

Imagine progressing from douglas fir fresh air to smoggy polluted HK air – my lungs protested crazily!

I suffered culture shock!

The apartment that my Hotel Lord put me up in, was a decent 3 bedroom on paper, but when I got into the apartment; my bedroom could only fit a single bed and a wardrobe. 

I barely had circulation space – in fact none! Do not even talk about the kitchen, it was so tiny that only one person could enter!

The area I lived in was nice – Chi Fu Fa Yuen, in Pokfulam on Hong Kong island side. 

I had a Wellcome Supermarket as well as a wet market in the condominium estate. 

There was also a swimming pool as well as a bowling alley for the public. I remembered I had a choice of Park n Shop or Wellcome supermarkets.

To me, it was self-contained and I literally need not tramp all over the island to get things. Still I managed to go about looking at the shops located at Bayswater or where the infamous Sogo with the bright neon sign would show.

I enjoyed Lane Crawford as there was a nice cinema chain there, along with Dan Ryan restaurant. It used to face Hilton Hotel but I am told that Hilton has since been torn down.

I used to find great Indian (both north and south and I forget which is the one with naan) cuisine along Nathan Road and would spend time meeting friends there after work for drinks or a meal.

My 2.5 year faithful date, an architect by profession, would always take me out weekends to window shop or appreciate art. 

He is a dappy shopper as he only wears Hugo Boss suits or Giorgio Armani. 

Through him, I learnt the various designer labels as I am not one who is fashion conscious.
To me, a Kenzo is no different than a Marks & Spencer outfit so long as it was comfortable! 

I am one who is not about paying thousands of dollars for an outfit when I can buy one that costs a quarter the amount without the dapper label – it suits me fine!

My date who has lived in Hong Kong for years and was pursuing his Masters in Architecture at HK University whilst working for a top notch architecture firm there appreciated the finest in life – be it wine, food or clothes.

He was opulent. I was not. I felt if I pursued this relationship, when things fail, I might end up the maid. I am consistently frugal most times whilst he is persistently opulent most times. 

Chalk and cheese as you say and this was why I decided that I cannot have such a partner in life.

We wined and dine at the Peak, Excelsior or Peninsula Hotels…Conrad or Shangri-la.
He migrated to Shanghai after attempting many tries to get me back on his bandwagon but it was futile. 

I have not heard nor seen him in years and the last I heard was that he is doing splendidly well after opening his own architectural firm there.

I am pleased for him. I understand he is still single. I do wish him well and if there was an opportunity for us to meet, I would love to just sit and enjoy his company as he takes me through the fineries in life again.

Aah well….just reminiscing folks! Have a happy SaturdayπŸ€—πŸ€—


8 responses to “Reminiscing

  1. Paula says:

    A nice view into your past, 😊. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Interesting…I went to school with some girls whose parents were stationed in HK – they always used to have all the latest gadgets!

  3. Neethu says:

    Wow …enjoyed reading this..and Naan is North Indian bread 😜

  4. Those soap plots sound just like my life – jealousy, love, crime, justice and evilness! But not necessarily in that order …

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