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Why 25th July 2017 Was Important To Me?

on July 26, 2017

On 25th July 2017, a bunch of us were sworn in or shackled (*as Duke of Yore quips) for a term of yet another 5 years!

Our job description is to do all things good for community in accordance with our respective committee set ups.

This term, I will be looking at employability…yes…alot of PMETs are displaced as people in their 40s are not deemed as attractive hires. People in their 50s are worst off…they are sidelined though they may have lots of experience.

Employers seeks cheap, young and stupid…literally as the not so smart ones will do as told.

In today’s fledgling economy, the cheaper the minions, the better and to adorn these with nice superior titles suit the young well.

Little do they know, millenials are a whole new colony….unmanageable as minions, is the common lament of employers.

So, between cheaper or less obedience in job results….the former prevails.

As we will be holed up in some 5 star hotel awaiting the Dukes of Yore and who’s who in lil red dot, I wonder what my contribution can be for this term of voluntary office?

I am pro hiring seniors. I feel seniors are unfairly treated from age 45 years and above by SMEs or MNCs.

To these Lords, these minions should be relegated to burger flippers, cleaners or thrash collectors. Their degrees or post graduate certs means little as they are expensive and old plus a job threat to them.

Once they have given their all to the company they have been loyal to, they will be forced to resign or be berated till work life is a living hell so that they resign voluntarily under duress.

Will lords change? I doubt it as bottom line or top line is all they worry about or if their next Ferrari can be bought versus treating employees well.

My oath….

I swear to uphold the rights of the minionised and try to find them meaningful work, on fair and equal employment terms.

Any Lord that steps out of line…vote with their feet and report the Lords so that they learn and change their toxic behavior.

Afterall cheaper or younger does not necessarily mean good….seniors have contributed to societal growth as well as economic growth…we cannot just toss them out like yesterday’s newspapers!

If so….then aged parents will soon be discarded too!


Sadly, I was too bummed out to attend and will receive my shackles in absentia.

Ho hum…till I am humorous then…sigh


13 responses to “Why 25th July 2017 Was Important To Me?

  1. calmkate says:

    fight for their right to contribute to society in a meaningful way πŸ™‚

  2. In Hong Kong, it’s the same story.

    Though if you know how to cook, you would be able to find work here even if you are old. I know someone in his 80s who’s still cooking (and also a head chef). How I wish that I know how to cook lol πŸ™‚

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Not here for all cooks!

      Sadly seniors are only hired to work at hawker centers or food courts to clear tray or used utensils and clean toilets.

      Chefs or cooks here are not treated like “treasures” unless they are superb cooks and without them, the restaurant cannot survive!

      I think blog reader Calmkate said it best….we all have a “used by” date!

  3. Amy says:

    It’s sad… probably will get worse, I’m afraid.

  4. shadowedmuses says:

    Wow. You’re amazing to fight for the rights of seniors. Keep up the good work. Such wisdom only someone older would usually be attributed to.

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