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Single, Available & A Bit Of A Bore!

I am single, available and a bit of a bore.

Other than my loony postings that cause many to laugh and inanimate furball hugging of Garfields, I am quite sane really, often times endowed with the wisdom of Garfield!

Some nights back, I met a 7 year old boy with a grubby soft toy bear reading the restaurant directory at Changi Airport Terminal 3. 

He appeared in conversation with my dad. 

They were both discussing food – what else do Singaporeans discuss, regardless of age? LOL!
The little boy spoke seriously. He shared that his father drove right next to McDonalds and they ate burgers. I asked him if it was crowded and he said it was. He also told me that the 2 burgers for $5 deal was still on.

I teased him about his bear and he solemnly, yet seriously said that he was not shy to carry his bear with him in public. I congratulated him and told him that I too, would carry Garfield, grubby and old as he is with me to trips.

He then reminded me that his father was behind….perhaps by now he was worried that I would kidnap him 😉

We said our hellos to his dad and we left. It was a pleasant exchange with a child. What I liked about him was that he showed confidence in lugging that grubby bear (that was skin and bones as cottony stuffing has petered out) in public – just like me!

I have had suitors but not many were considered as I always chased to climb the corporate ladder. Though I pubbed and clubbed a lot in my university days and initial jobs, I grew weary of it as the job scene filled me 95% of the time with 5% for chores and social work.

I was tired of the wooing scene as bankers were boring, whilst engineers like Mr EX were just slippery as eels with whisperings of sweet nothings really!

Lawyers were fun but they were pompous and often holed up in offices preparing for mergers & acquisitions or court.

Oh and don’t get me started on surgeons…eccentric buggers with personalities and egos bigger than life, exuding God personaes.

I had my fair share of dating architects – they are fun people but do things in a grandiose manner, too rich for my blood.

By the time I was at a marrying age, I was diagnosed with so many medical ailments that I spent a large part of my last 20 years battling surgeries and fighting for my life.

Now that I am at a slightly stable stage….I realized that all the good men are not around!

So here I am, definitely single and available but realizing that all good men have been taken and I will probably die single with Garfield in tow.

Being single I feel that married life is challenging as the responsibilities are huge. Worst with children as they will never grow up even if I reached 82 years old!

The bickering and arguments will never end and it is part and parcel of marriage – hence the phrase, bickering like an old wedded couple.

The arguments are silly – why didn’t you leave your towel properly on the rack? Or why did you not cap the tube of toothpaste? Why don’t you help with house chores etc etc.

As a singleton, there is only me, myself and I. I could bicker with self why this is not done or why it is messy, but all fingers point back at me! LOL! Plus I better not talk to self else I will be labeled a lunatic or one in the making!

If I ever find a guy, I want this chap to be kind, considerate and humble. He need not be holding multiple degrees or Phds…just sincerity, empathy and compassion to be a genuine soul mate. PLUS (*Big PLUS – must love my inanimate furball Garfield ha ha)

Hmm…I wonder if the convent or monastery will take me in when I am old and crochety – think of all the havoc I will wreak! Think Sister Act – I will be getting all the nuns to boogie and literally have fun. I might even talk them of out being nuns! LOL!

 *Image with thanks to Jim Davis, creator of Garfield and Paws Inc😊



Friday Poke At Trump..Who Else Right?

Ushering in Trump….

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Friday Laughs At Understanding Religion

Finally…Jesus has gone online!

MR EX once shared with me that he ought to start a religion so that he can reap the dollars!

P.s. Please read this as for humor sake only. There is no intention to hurt any religion.


Reflections Amidst A Chaotic Mind

Reflections……peace…..tranquility or serenity…these are words that I truly hope to embrace over time.

It has been very quiet as my only distractor of life or pet peeve, Mr EX, is no longer a haunting. I suppose the poltergeist has been snuffed! LOL! Or the Gods feel that I needed to gear up for bigger things in life.

Mr EX’s promise of having me work on a farm in Down Under has also fallen through as I exorcised him out of my life!

This is good as I ensured peace and quiet by blocking him in my apps as well as on my android phone.

I must not be unfair to him as sometimes, he did kindly things though I felt it came with an ulterior motive. The last time we met, he was upset with me that I did not introduce him to meet Duke of Yore.

I would be insane to link the 2 of them up as decorum is expected at all times. Bringing loose cannon into any meeting would be hara kiri for myself really!

I feel less tense in that I need not drop everything at his behest and do the things he needs when he wants it or how he wants it. My life is more planned this way I feel.

Dad has me worried as the geriatrician has confirmed he has mild cognitive impairment, which is the stage before dementia and I feel he will degrade quickly as he refuses to help self by being active or go out for walks. I feel his selfishness at making it hard for me, his only care giver in time to come.

It is hard to try and get someone going when that someone refuses to get going himself.

Dad has always been lazy and he is served like a lord most times by mum. He hardly want to do anything except take long naps in the afternoon even when I remember as a child.

I am unsure if he is just having a bout of apathy or too lazy? I feel it is the latter and so does his geriatrician. In fact he got a ticking from his doctor when I shared that despite me getting him puzzle books, he refused to do it. On my suggestion that perhaps I ought to get him coloring books perhaps it may be better?

This was when the ticking off came from the doctor!

“Given your education, it will be beneath you to be doing coloring!”

This comment fell like water off a duck’s back for my dad. Oblivious or cannot be bothered.

My dad has never bothered to do things for me as a child. Most of my care was done by mum. In fact when I was hospitalized year on year, he would not have visited me if it was not for my mum.

I am trying to logically put things in perspective for self.

Perhaps my inability to find a good boss with a high profile job was because I would have a stroke if I had to deal with a demented dad, cope with stressors at work and exacerbate my autoimmune issues.

Perhaps this small role with Submarine Lord was to give me the peace to manage a small role, have some money and plan to be challenged by providing care for my dad and for my mum when she gets older.

Life has its reasons and till I find my reason for living, I will have to plod on and find humor whilst enduring the challenges ahead.

I just hope that my left leg will behave and not require surgery. I have had 2016 free from Bates Motel and I do not intend to start again in Bates Motel any time soon LOL!



Cool Toilet Paper


A Day In The Life Of Me Driving….Not Driving Ms Daisy!

I love driving through a wooded lane to work every morning. Though this is a slightly longer route, I prefer driving through this lane as it is less stressful driving in terms of a 5 lane carriageway to work.

I get to see walkers with their dogs. I see Cocker Spaniels, Terriers, toy Poodles but no Lurchers, Dalmatians or Greyhounds. I once saw a majestically tall white poodle, like a mini Shetland pony – awesome sight!

The walkers are domestic helpers and not owners. Owners will be lulling in beds till much later I guess. I once walked this route and spoke to a domestic helper who hailed from Indonesia. She was walked by this very tall white poodle, the size of the mini pony that was groomed with the right clumps of fur in various anatomy of its body to define its unique breed.

She shared with me that she preferred taking care of children than a dog. Her job description was to take care of the dog. I smiled and encouraged her on, saying that the “child” is the dog and that the owner must be one who preferred pets over human kind! Smart boss!

I sometimes see a squirrel trying to cross the road – silly as I would hold my breath, praying that no whizzing car would hit it!

Single line traffic with little room to overtake, I usually breeze through without feeling the pressure of driving.

But having said that, we do have congo line driving here! Aargh, there is always a slow poke and the congo line begins. Road speed limit is 60 km/hr but the twit has to drive at 20 km/hr! Drives me absolutely ballistic as we crawl till we get to the road junction to disperse – all 30 to 40 cars heaving a sigh of relief then for sure!

I hate to be one stick hits all but slow pokes are usually the teeny tiny cars like the Suzuki Swift model or a hunk of a heap of a jalopy driven by an older woman! Though I am a woman driver, I drive like a macho male LOL! Vroom vroom and off I go, others can smell my tail pipe hee hee!

Nice cars would drive along this route. It is reported that Singapore has the world’s highest number of Lamborghinis plying the roads here! Sheesh! I can never tell a Lotus from a Ferrari or a Maserati, much less a Lamborghini.

A car to a lady like me is the same, 4 wheels and if the color of the paintwork is nice loL!

What do I know about cars? Ignition starts, brakes, accelerator and gears – yup that is what a car is to me. Don’t get me started on how much gas to distance – clueless!

Octane levels? Hmm so long as it is the best and gives me speed…it is the red colored one (*I pump at Mobil or is it Exxon Mobil)


Ultimate Art For Smokers In Smoking Room


Thursday’s Logic

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus really….


Why 25th July 2017 Was Important To Me?

On 25th July 2017, a bunch of us were sworn in or shackled (*as Duke of Yore quips) for a term of yet another 5 years!

Our job description is to do all things good for community in accordance with our respective committee set ups.

This term, I will be looking at employability…yes…alot of PMETs are displaced as people in their 40s are not deemed as attractive hires. People in their 50s are worst off…they are sidelined though they may have lots of experience.

Employers seeks cheap, young and stupid…literally as the not so smart ones will do as told.

In today’s fledgling economy, the cheaper the minions, the better and to adorn these with nice superior titles suit the young well.

Little do they know, millenials are a whole new colony….unmanageable as minions, is the common lament of employers.

So, between cheaper or less obedience in job results….the former prevails.

As we will be holed up in some 5 star hotel awaiting the Dukes of Yore and who’s who in lil red dot, I wonder what my contribution can be for this term of voluntary office?

I am pro hiring seniors. I feel seniors are unfairly treated from age 45 years and above by SMEs or MNCs.

To these Lords, these minions should be relegated to burger flippers, cleaners or thrash collectors. Their degrees or post graduate certs means little as they are expensive and old plus a job threat to them.

Once they have given their all to the company they have been loyal to, they will be forced to resign or be berated till work life is a living hell so that they resign voluntarily under duress.

Will lords change? I doubt it as bottom line or top line is all they worry about or if their next Ferrari can be bought versus treating employees well.

My oath….

I swear to uphold the rights of the minionised and try to find them meaningful work, on fair and equal employment terms.

Any Lord that steps out of line…vote with their feet and report the Lords so that they learn and change their toxic behavior.

Afterall cheaper or younger does not necessarily mean good….seniors have contributed to societal growth as well as economic growth…we cannot just toss them out like yesterday’s newspapers!

If so….then aged parents will soon be discarded too!


Sadly, I was too bummed out to attend and will receive my shackles in absentia.

Ho hum…till I am humorous then…sigh