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Old Hag Tales #2

on August 1, 2017

Submarine Lord returned from vacation in England and straight away Old Hag like the shrew she is, immediately went into Submarine Lord’s office to present her rolling report. Or should I say, her back stabbing report!

I have never seen a more obedient, yet conniving and cunning person – she sure wins the Old Hag of the Century Award. Old Hag is single and poor in IT skills. She is not eloquent in speech and tends to come across as terse, rude and snappish! She is not at all pretty though she thinks she is!

I am not making fun of a senior or looks but this senior does get my goat as she is annoyingly political. She knows how to ring fence her information and refuses to share it so that it impedes my work.

She is fairly annoyed when she asks me”how is it that I can get information?”

DUHH…my answer to her should be “ Because I am a lot smarter than you Old Hag and I spend lesser time tittle tattling like you!”

Instead my saccharin sweet voice and grinning face says, “ Ohhhh it was a lucky guess”

”Little does she know that in my years of work experience and probably because I am a tad more savvy than her in skills, I can make sense out of information that is lying around.

With a knife stuck in my back, I went to look for Submarine Lord and shared that without pertinent information, I am unable to provide the statistics that is requested of me by Submarine Lord.

I stuck the knife back at Old Hag with soothing tones….”perhaps it is because I am new and I fully understand the sensitivity of information, why not we wait till I complete my probation in at least 3 to 6 months!”

I could see self-going to Tahiti or Hawaii in my mind between now till my work confirmation. I could be physically present but mentally absent ….way over in Tahiti or Hawaii imagining self sipping mai tais with little brollies and surfing the net!

Sheesh….Old Hag is a pain in the posterior indeed! 

Looks like I found my new muse…Old Hag Tales LOL!




10 responses to “Old Hag Tales #2

  1. calmkate says:

    lol you had to find one or life would be too boring, and let’s face it there is at least one in every job … you just seem to weed them out quicker than most 🙂
    pray you get through the probation period or your parents might have to help you out, fancy moving back in with them 😦

  2. Smile sweetly and stab her back…metaphorically speaking of course! And good morning 💕🍵🍪🍪🍵😺😺

  3. Amy says:

    I agree… there is always that one person. 😦

  4. jackcollier7 says:

    One of the downsides of working for a living ~ all those evil coworkers. ❤

  5. Carry on letting off steam here – most entertaining! – though I hope you retain some puff to push against those pushy overlords and ladies!

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