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Penchant – One Word Prompt

on September 13, 2017

I have a penchant for Garfield!

Cuddly, orangey, an inanimate furball is Garfield.

I once wanted him in ICU and Dr James said,” Sure I will boil Garfield”

Aaargh! He made a point to me about Garfield!

Garfield is priceless and no way is he to be sterilised by boiling so that he can be with me in ICU!

Separation was not good for me but it made me strive towards getting better to be out of ICU – yes….my penchant for Garfield is real….terrible, crazy or simply my penchant?🙄


9 responses to “Penchant – One Word Prompt

  1. when i was little there was this magazine my mom used to read. at the end of each was a brief comic story featuring him. then b-day cards with garfield became popular, and my friend gave me one that had this picture of garfield holding a cake and a thought baloon that read: i wanted so much to get a present for your birthday. and inside he was sulking and saying, ‘but no one gave me one.’

  2. I have a penchant for reading your blog!

  3. TRUE LOVE!! That’s what I think! 😉

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