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Ghoulish – One Word Prompt

Halloween has just ended.

It seems that different countries have different occasions for ghouls and spooks.

In Taoist tradition, the Chinese Lunar Calendar’s 7th month is when ghouls or spooks are released on a month’s holiday to visit their relatives or loved ones.

Their relatives would offer roast meats, buns and all sorts of food to tickle their fancy.

Paper offerings of hell notes with billions imprinted on each note is burnt alongside joss sticks and food offerings.

Paper items such as clothes, airplanes, iPhones, iPhones are also offered.

In fact whatever us as humans use, ghouls would also need.

So there is no stopping any living person for offering whatever they deem fit.

In Catholicism, we also have all souls days where flowers or candles are offered alongside masses for the dead.

I learnt that in the Philippines, some provinces offer food or edible treats.

I also discovered they entomb the dead or loved ones in their house.

Ghouls are to me, also like “humans” in another form….spiritual or spook form.

I think there are such entities amongst us, co-existing peacefully till something is triggered to cause issues.

We cannot see them does not mean they do not exist.

All this is conjecture on my part, as haha…I am not dead yet and unless I die and return as a ghoul only can I know. LOL!

Meanwhile….I wonder if there is WordPress for ghouls in their realm🤔


A ‘Device’


Royale Restaurant, Hotel Mercure@Bugis

It has been a while since I last saw Angie. She used to work at Copthorne King’s Hotel.

Both Hotel Mercure and Copthorne King are 4 star hotels. Except Mercure is 4 stars, brand new and labelled a hipster hotel.

Smallish building but built high..this is how land scarce Singapore has in terms of creative architecture.

I took a peek at its rooms.

Just enough space to hop in and hop out of bed. Sink is in the room and toilets split into 2 cubicles for shower stall and toilet.

Angie explained to me that most of its guests are corporate clients and return to sleep only.

I guess so as the rooms are economically priced at $170+10% service+7%GST.

Right smack in the city area, it makes commuting easy and staying affordable.

I liked the way they did the roof top garden. Cosy!

As for food, since its opening in under a year, the chef is still finding his footing with the menu.

The only cafe or restaurant serving western, fusion or Asian is Royale Restaurant.

The other is a Chinese Restaurant.

A good variety of breads and pastries for lunch.


Hot dishes…

It was good catching up with Angie and I wished her the best in her new career at this Mercure.


A Laugh On Tuesday

Hillary Clinton was visiting a Scottish primary school and the class was in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings.
The teacher asked Hillary if she would like to lead the discussion on the word ‘Tragedy’.
So the illustrious Hillary asked the class for an example of a ‘Tragedy’. A little boy stood up and offered, “If ma best freen, wha’ lives on a ferm, is playin’ in the field and a tractor rins ower him and kills him, that wid be a tragedy.”
“Incorrect”. said Hillary, in her best trying-not-to-sound-too- patronizing Scottish-accent, “That would be an accident.”
A little girl raised her hand. “If a school bus kerryin’ fifty children drove ow’r a cliff, killing a’body inside, that wid be a tragedy”
‘I’m afraid not’, explained Hillary, “that’s what we would refer to as a great loss”.The room went silent. No other children volunteered. Hillary searched the room.
“Isn’t there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?”
Finally, at the back of the room. a wee lad raised his hand and in a quiet voice, said: “If a plane kerryin’ you and Mr Obama ‘wiz struck by a freendly fire’ missile & blawn tae smithereens, that wid be a tragedy.
“Fantastic!” exclaimed Hillary. “Can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?”
“Well says the lad, “it has tae be a tragedy, because it certainly widnae be a great loss, and it probably widnae be an accident either!”


Fluff – One Word Prompt

I have a bad habit of liking pillows that are fluffy.

A good shake gives a pillow its fluff.

Pillows that are comfy, fluffy and not stuffy are best!

It reminds me of my inanimate furball Garfield – always comfy and fluffy after a good wash in the machine but sadly, with a thinning stuffing!

“Look ma!! I am losing weight!”

“Erm a little but this is a bigger Garfield polo shirt that Chicken bought you for you birthday!”


BMW Toaster

It is just awful when a post for my blog site gets published accidentally when it is still work in progress! Boo hoo! Drats with the publishing button as I had put it on “draft” status but unfortunately, it still got published!

So, now I have to figure out what new updates did WordPress do, to effect the publication. Sigh!

Work in progress for me are bits and pieces of thought or conversation that sometimes go in between banter for MR EX and I.

To ensure that the sequence of speaking is correctly tracked, I had to ensure that the conversation in text messaging were correctly copied and or re-worded. You can imagine my horrors of horrors when I was kindly told by a fellow reader that my post was out!! Aargh!

Aah well…nothing beats the horrors than to take my mind off it.

I saw this meme of the BMW being used as a toaster! I laughed so hard that I told self to look out for cars on the road and see what they strike me as.

I am unsure if your neck of the woods have the Alphard or Vellfire? We have quite a few of these and to me, they look like gnarly hot rod on wheels with that veil of shady darkness, especially when it is in black color and with all that steel in the front, it looks rather ferocious.

I was told that this hunk of a jalopy costs as much as an E200 Mercedes which is a whopping close to SGD200,000. (USD146,978 or 1USD=SGD1.36)

The only time I sat in one was when Electrical Lord’s brother gave me a ride in his Alphard and he had it souped up with stereo that could break my ear drums and gawdy lights in the cabin.

EL’s brother is a uneducated person but made it from rag to riches with his use of technical skills to repair electronic appliances. So, I do not blame him for wanting to behave that way. He has his own brand of class and was a much nicer person that EL himself, who was also uneducated but a moron.

I saw a pink beetle ok ok it is not a real lady bug or beetle but the Volkwagen. I like the pink and find it rather cute.

No other car strikes my fancy and I sniggered when a BMW pulled next to me at the traffic light junction LOL! The toaster or front of the car metal grilles do indeed look like toaster slots! LOL!


Difference Between Boys & Girls


How Doctors & Wives Fight


Gratitude – One Word Prompt

I have deep gratitude for the friendships of Bird, Chicken, Bird Man and S Man.

Good Friendships are hard to come by and I believe there must be some affinity for us to meet and become friends.

I hope the affinity does not end and that we can grow old together.

If the Grim Reaper comes, feed him chocolates – it buys time!

And when we must part…may our headstones be fun…

Be grateful and show gratitude to your good friends.


Day After Halloween

For some of us in different time zones, Halloween will end soon.

Some may…