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Zoo – One Word Prompt

The Singapore Zoological Gardens is very popular with locals and tourists.

We have a pair of pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia that the Chinese government loaned us as part of diplomatic relations.

We also had a pair of koalas from Australia but they have since gone home.

Our zoo sees healthy reproductions of offsprings. Our infamous Orang Utan Ah Meng passed away years ago but his grandchild is now the showstopper!

Elephants, tigers, monkeys etc all have seen births except the pandas. Zoo keepers are doing all they can to enliven the mating ritual.

So successful is our zoo that they expanded to include the Night Safari.

My last visit to the zoo was some years ago…when Inkua the polar bear passed away from old age.

They have new species of animals, amphibians and a garden of vegetables!

But hey we have our own public zoo…we have monkeys running wild in our reservoirs, otters living in the marina barrage area and wild boars in Bishan!

Our “zoo” has extended to the urban life setting as these fowls and critters are joining us from the wild🤣


Colors One Must Not Use For X’mas Lights

Light up like our this year’s Christmas light up on Orchard Road – white Christmas theme!


Yet Another Character Called A “Sex” Pest


Vodka Laughs

I think Vodka in mashed potatoes would taste great😉


I Am Female Hear Me Roar! Or Hear My Thursday Ramblings!

I am female, hear me roar! LOL!

Garfield is a male cat character created by Jim Davis but the name Garfield Hug that I chose for this blog is by a female blogger. I am a loony Garfield fan who loves the inanimate furball Garfield so much that she goes anywhere and everywhere in the world with Garfield in tow!

I love hugging this plush toy as it gives me comfort, just like Linus of Peanuts series who drags a blanket around.

Though I own 475 Garfield plush toys, there is one particular Garfield that is about 1.5 feet in length that I am particularly attached to and has been with me since 1993. It is 24 years old, worn at the paws but like a “son” to me.

I am single, never married but have been in a few relationships that did not work out. The latest is of course with my incorrigible Mr EX (*there is a whole series of posts about him) who can provide both laughter and ulceration at the same time.

Mr Architect and Mr EX are the cause of my loving Garfield.

Mr Architect gave me my first Garfield and I thought nothing of it, except that it stuck onto my windows of my car. It was Mr EX who went overboard with Garfield as he saw that and started wooing me with Garfields.

 It was a bit like Pavlov Dogs’ effect. Each time I saw him, I saw Garfield LOL!

 He would scour the earth and wherever he went, he brought me a Garfield.

In between, he had a competitor, but his competitor, Mr Biz Man, failed to win my heart as he is not as corny or as ridiculous as Mr EX.

Mr EX swears to date that we are soulmates and that if we cannot be together in this lifetime, we will be in the next lifetime. He is welcome to his dreams. As for me, I told him there is never a next lifetime for me as Samsara-wheel of karma is making this my last reincarnation says Guru Me LOL!

I do feel that Mr EX sincerely loves me but circumstances prevent us from being together though our destinies are linked. If I wanted a globe trotter, I would have become a sea farer and leave my heart in every port.

To cut the long story short, Garfield has been loyal to me. He neither pees nor poos and other than tossing him in the washer, he is maintenance free. Plus, he listens to every word that I natter.

So, to clear any confusion, my gender is female and yes, I am told that I write like a man – think like a man and shop like a man! LOL! Being in the corporate world, doing mergers and acquisitions or dealing with evil lords, has crafted me to think like a man to swipe back at their utterances.

If I behaved like a woman all emotional in the corporate world, I will sink and not swim. Many a time, I do want to bawl my eyes out as why are things so tough. But I have learnt that emotional soppiness does not fly in the business world.

Sadly, I make decisions on marriage or relationships like a business person.

Marriage to me is like a business merger.

In this union or merger, I will acquire a person and him, me. 

Our asset are weighed and for good or for bad, the bottom line or top line prevails in terms of conduct, character and how much destruction or good each party has for the other.

I often feel that if I ever got married, I have zero tolerance for non-disclosure. I tend to cut losses very quickly and this does not bode well with marriages as a marriage is eternal with the for good or bad till death does one part! Blah!

I will have no compunction to call off a wedding at the altar though I know how much each will suffer for relatives or friends are gathered. Being Asian, I am not about “face” where it reigns supreme, but rather the utils of continuous trust, love and a good business deal.

Yes, I am woman, hear me roar and for that, I remain single as it is hard to find someone that I can tolerate the nuances (I would also think the other party would feel the same), the habits or true colors of a spouse once we share a dwelling. 

So, till then, Garfield is my solace as he does not back talk nor give me problems. In fact, he has weathered the storms in my life and even braved the threat of being boiled so as to get disinfected and accompany me in ICU.

Yes, I am silly – don’t you think?!






Snippets – Daily Prompt

I leave you with snippets of laughter as I crawl into bed and await Thursday in a couple of hours.

Pets…..they are adorable and can be funny…

Lastly….human man please wise up…don’t end up losing your teeth 😁

Good night folks from me…in lil red dot whilst UK, Norway, S Africa and USA are enjoying their day!😊


My Spiel On Positivity Type Quotes

I have nothing against positivity quotes that get sent my way on Whats App. It is just my humor bone taking a poke on it and so, here is my spiel on debunking positivity quotes.

Look Forward, Don’t Look Back

Most of my experience gained (*good or bad ones) is from experience. This means from the past and if I do not look back at my experience gained, how can I improve?

My past creates or develops my present day self and as I evolve mentally, my current thoughts are hinged on the past.

If I keep looking forward, I lose touch with reality and all the “isms” of life. My life has not been the best, neither is it the worst when compared to those without shoes on feet, roof over heads or having stomachs filled with hunger.

I remember what it was like to be hungry. That experience I felt has today given me empathy and compassion for those without food. My mum has always been generous with food to strangers. I like what she does. Sadly this is not what my sister believes in. She tends to be stingy with food and I remember once whilst visiting her home in a country she was based, I had to fork out a lot of cash before she will ask her domestic helper to provide food for mum and I when we visited. In this less developed country, we could not travel as we wish , nor eat where we liked. I learnt this bad lesson from her and will not do it to anyone one, much less family.

Things Happen For A Reason

Ooh this one gets my goat really!

I have been having things happening to me for a long time and like any positive thinking fella, remind self that things happen for a reason and that things will get better.

Honestly, till now, I do not know the reasoning behind what has been happening to me, other than Shit Happens and Karma is after me.

Forgive & Forget

This one is particular to me as I realise that I can never be pontifed as a Saint of any sort. I cannot forget, much less forgive. Even if I did forgive, I could never forget the bad experience. Each bad experience is like a knife that plunged into my flesh and over time, keloids formed and a massive scar appeared.

I envy those who can truly forgive and forget. They must be people awaiting canonisation or in an era we call “old age!”

Wives whose husbands have cheated on them, find this hardest to forgive and forget. Yes, after marriage counselling, they can forgive in a way but they never forget and if you ever ask such wives, they will share with you how it is never the same again.

I confess that I cannot forget though I may forgive 30% at most.


Never Muck Around When You Own A Bar


A Whole New Meaning In Missing Alphabets



One Way Street – Daily Prompt

Life is not a one way street.

In life, there is alot of giving and taking.

Sometimes life gives twists and turns. Where a U turn is available, I would hurriedly take to avoid snarls or slow traffic.

If life is a one way street, then society would be selfush with the notion of “cheers to me and to hell with the rest of the world” mentality.

Kindness begets kindness is an example of paying forward meals which allows any person who may be in need of meal that day!

Some restaurants have a notice board whereby patrons pay for an extra set of what they are eating and pin it on this board.

Anyone who is hungry, having a bad day or forgot to bring money for a meal is welcomed to pick any meal. No questions asked!

Yes…life to me cannot be a one way street.

Utopian? Perhaps! But I like this philosophy as it reminds me to be kind  and giving.

Of course along the way I attract selfish people who may take advantage but I silently hope that they will be touched to do good and change.

Otherwise, I serve them dehydrated water😆