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Solutions Not Easily Found – Part 1 

on December 30, 2017

I have not been catching up with Bird 🐥and Chicken🐔of late as we have all been busy.

So when I could since I was resting at home, I was deeply saddened.

Chicken as always keeps a positive outlook sharing that her Mum in law aged 85 years is contemplating brain surgery as her “screws” were loose.

She shared that the CEO of in laws *her bro in law* called for an AGM of all shareholders i.e. all children and their spouses.

“It was a match fixer as there was no democracy” she texted. CEO put down his foot and said MIL is opting for operation. All will pay equal shares for hospital bill!

Without surgery MIL will have 2 to 3 years of life left!

Gee! At age 85 years MIL desperately wants to live on and on till 150 years old whereas I was ready to cash in all my chips!

I offered to Chicken that her MIL can have whatever years left of my life for her use. I do not need to live on and on as I don’t wish to. Life is literally a pain to me.

Chicken then shared that her MIL then went to obtain an oracle from the Goddess of Mercy.

She texted a laughing emoji and said that the oracle advised her against going for operation as she would die immediately. This means that surgery will see her die on the table.

I loved Chicken’s outlook of life. To me she has found zen. 

Nothing bothers her as life is factual.

Our texting ended as she reached her train station and said that she will be going for a brisk walk as her work day ended earlier.

I miss Chicken! 

One response to “Solutions Not Easily Found – Part 1 

  1. scifihammy says:

    I’m with you on this – I’m reading it and thinking, why on earth do you want to have brain surgery at 85??
    Pity you don’t see much of Chicken any more – always good to have someone to chat to and laugh with. 🙂

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