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Auld Lang Syne – Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

on December 31, 2017

As I bid 2017 farewell, I took stock of my life. 

2017 – have I been naughty? Yup! I fought tooth and nail with my siblings and decided in October 2017, it was best to ex communicate them. It made my life less complicated and me a happier person. I was tired of trying to be nice to an abyss whereby I am never regarded as a sister nor a family member.

I was also naughty in telling off those people whom I found to be false friends. Yes, in our lives we meet heaps of these people. I realized that by giving no end, there is truly no end. Why not give to those who really deserve the time, money or effort. I was stupid to keep giving and being nice. I booted these buggers out, including MR EX.

Mr EX provided laughs. Period! Nothing more. He is not a friend, much less a loved one. He only cares about himself and how to make that extra million – yes, you heard right, not thousands but millions! His greed and appetite for wealth has no bottom and I was not going into that bottomless pit with him! LOL! He is history, discarded as thrash in 2017!

Have I been good? I try!

It is hard to be always being the person that my parents would go to for help or assistance. I become their “go to” guy and I cannot say no despite how busy or tired I am. They have no one else. Their other 2 doggone children are literally dog – gone!

I have not been as active doing charity work as much as I want to. Firstly the economy has not been doing well and donors have scaled back on financing some of my projects. I do not blame them as they must feed self first before they can feed others.

Plus my health plus errands for parents’ renovations of new unit plus move has taken a toll on me.

2017 has been bittersweet.

It was sweet in that I need not be surgically chopped. I was unwell but these were acceptable by my standards, despite the pain.

2017 is bitter as I opened my eyes to see the truths in things.

It was ugly. It was revealing. Worst of all, it hurt knowing that the people I thought as family or good friends were non existent.

As I bid 2017 farewell, I enter 2018 with trepidation. I have more challenges ahead of me and I hope, I will continue to have the tenacity, guts and gore to fight on and keep afloat as no divine intervention would throw me a life buoy!

As for happy moments, I dug deep into my brain to discover that the happy chats exchanged on WordPress with blogger friends kept me going.

I also got job confirmation though I am waiting for formal paperwork. This gave me some pocket money.

I am grateful for the less than 5 friends in my life – these are whom I can call upon for physical help if required.

Happy New Year folks….have a fantastic 2018, filled with good health, good money and most importantly, peace, happiness, joy and safety from silly terrorists. May N Korea’s little man behave and keep his paws off the N button πŸ˜€

Meanwhile I am glad to throw 2017 out the ruddy window with all the garbage that came with it.

Maybe yes?

Maybe no?

We’ll see!

10 responses to “Auld Lang Syne – Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

  1. Happy New Year. Have a wonderful year ahead! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy 2018! With all that trash out the door, you’ll have plenty of room to bring new and better things into your life!

  3. scifihammy says:

    It has been a rough year for you, but I think that is just Life sometimes. Better to Live it, even if it is hard at times. All in all, the good usually outweighs the bad – especially since you’ve thrown your trash out now! πŸ˜€
    Happy New Year Dear Friend. πŸ™‚

  4. winfred says:

    Happy new year. All 2017 gabbage rot away. Keep happy and take care

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