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Dowager’s Fantasy World Of Niceties

I have not written about my inanimate furball Garfield of late and I guess he must be relatively sad as he is left out. LOL!

Rest assured folks, I ain’t going to the loony bin anytime soon. If it is, it would be caused by human people and not by my inanimate furball!

If anything, Garfield keeps me sane!

As I have been rather busy, I hardly have time to squoosh Garfield enough nor have I had the time to color his plastic eyes with a black fine tip marker.

With all that Garfield hugging and clutching him in bed nightly, obviously the plastic iris of the has faded and it somewhat shows a faded iris which I say, “cataracts” have formed.

 “Surgery for this fella is easy – 2 secs, color it in and vision is 6/6!

I do bemoan the fact that his cottony stuffing is getting flatter and his paws are getting more worn. This particular fella is going to join me in the niche of the columbarium of my afterlife. He will be interred whole and not incinerated in the BBQ pit with me.

I wish I had the guts to have him incinerated with me but I feel for the fella – why must he disintegrate with me, he can be in the niche whole and who knows, my spirit might want to squoosh him whole!

I tend to talk silly when I am bored. 

I am bored at work not because I have nothing to do, but too much to do.

 My to do list is an extremely long one. Dowager is milking me for every penny’s worth and Old Hag is egging her. I am forced to handle payroll, be the group tour leader to organise tours, do corporate communications work, be stage director, script write a corporate video and ensure it is produced to what is expected!

 Who died and made me producer? If I could be a producer, I would have joined the ranks of Martin Scorcese of Hollywood walk!

 I also have to organise the annual ball – trouble is, the days keep shifting and never fixed.

 All this is to be done by me, myself and I. Old Hag, Ms MC Queen, Sourpuss and Miss In A Box have drawn their lines so tightly that they are confined in it.

 I laugh when Dowager talks about this or that event to promote team bonding!

 I only have one word for her – B.S.! 

Our own team of 5 is so island like and rude amongst selves and as a people department, they do not like dealing with people!

Welcome to Dowager’s Fairyland of People Niceties only in her dreamland! LOL!



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Dog Speak….

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If I Had 3 Wishes, Hmm What Will It Be?

I will not sound corny like those participating in any beauty pageant seeking “world peace” but it is fast becoming a reality that world peace is indeed a priority, given the terrorist attacks that could happen at any event or gathering.

Global warming has taken us by storm. Australia is having heat waves and bush fires whilst a cold snap has swept Japan and the rest of the world.

I was told that Hong Kong had a relatively mild winter. Meanwhile my lil red dot has been inundated with flash floods, not because of poor drainage but due to the heavy rains equivalent to 4 days of usual rain water, falling on one day.

Our netizens, as always, have a funny bone in them and very quickly, I received funny photos of our Olympian medalist, Joseph Schooling doing his infamous butterfly stroke in the flood waters and dolphins with surfers having their fun!

It is good to laugh about these things but the reality is real as many vehicles stalled in the knee high waters, causing massive engine damage. At least the tow truck company made a roaring business.

I am enjoying the rains and cooler weather. I am always grateful for rain as it is water to me. I was told that South Africa is having a heat wave and that even 1 millimeter of water is relished and treasured. I cannot imagine a drought in Singapore as we will be parched and so will our trees and greenery around us.

So if I had 3 wishes, what will I wish for?

For me, no health is no wealth. Why? If one does not have good health, one cannot be economically viable and even if one is obscenely rich, the riches will be spent on trying to find better health or one cannot even enjoy their wealth.

Someone commented that many say that they will travel the world when older but when older, they cannot trek up Macchu Picchu or see things in unique corners of the world. I agree. I am not that old but already I feel like 90 years as my spine is a pain, literally.

If one has health, but no wealth and is living in perennial poverty, it then becomes a vicious cycle of struggling to subsist. By poor here, I do not mean the lifestyle akin to my MR EX. I genuinely refer to those really living in poverty with extended tummies from hunger.

If one has health, wealth but there is no world peace, again what is the point?

Wealth dissipates when there is no world peace as economies suffer shocks as the stock markets plunge each time a terrorist attack hits. People will be fearful in such times and both fiscal policies and economic policies suffer.

So, my 3 wishes has got to be health, wealth and world peace.

Soppy? Probably!





Entertain – One Word Prompt

The memes I cull off the internet has only ONE motive and that is, to ENTERTAIN!

Yes, to entertain us with silly signs that make us laugh!

And to remind us…

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My Ponderings On The Future Of My World

I grew up in a mixed environment of changes or rather I am one humanoid that is always caught in between changes. I call self the generation of imposed changes due to circumstances!

In school I was one of the cohort to be experimented on for 3 languages; English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu. At that time, they wanted to us to know our “national language” which was Malay. This failed as our government recognized the importance of English and Chinese (China was the future force to be reckoned with they felt and now, they are proven right!)

My gain from the failed experiment is I can speak 3 languages and 4 dialects.

In Junior College, we were not taught computer usage. PCs cost a staggering $3,000 to $5,000 excluding printer with ink cartridges.

I taught self how to play Nintendo games and bought an Octopus game of running to the treasure boat and removing the treasure without being caught by an Octopus with all its tentacles. It kept my fingers nimble and mind busy as I soon stopped reading books in favor of this game.

In University I was taught SAP. I learnt how to use the PC and Wordperfect back then was the rage. IBM fell and Apple took over with Microsoft suite of software began in leading the pack.

Very quickly I adapted and used these contraptions and basically was happy as I need not write anymore. My handwriting is really illegible! It was a pain to write and I realized now, it was because I was not diagnosed with arthritis then.

From floppy disks to thumb drives and now external hard disks, I moved on and upwards to cloud to save documents.

I learnt things on my own, not because I wanted to but because I had to for work use. Companies that I worked in were stingy on getting training out for us and thankfully I pick things up quickly. I feel learning IT in a structured setting does not help much as compared to one that goes hands on. This is true as this is how children today pick up and learn tech stuff on their own.

I am not tech savvy but I learn the different functions of the PC and try to be as literate as I can to grasp the meaning and concept of how things work.

With it, I learnt how software solutions are presented for various industrial use; offshore crewing, marine shipping, payroll, retail etc.

From mobile phones, I went onto Blackberries (*not the fruit but the handheld gadget of Wall Street world) to smartphones like androids, iPhones, ipads or Galaxy tabs! Texting became the rage and my nightmare at the last Electrical Lord made me hate this as he would send me more than 100 photos and messages once midnight came about as he is an owl.

That moron had the luxury to sleep in till 2pm whereas I need to be at work by 8am.

The saying goes that the world is my oyster and within it, comes the pearl.

Well, the oysters are getting more and more and I have not found pearls of wisdom just yet as what I learnt today, is continuously upgraded to new levels.

I wonder how I will live in this world when I get older and do not have an office environment to support my learning of the future.

As it is, I cannot live without my mobile android as without it, I am lost! I do not even remember telephone numbers anymore as I have more than 1,000 contacts in my phone. Gee to memorise 1,000 numbers x 8 digits would definitely ensure I will never get into a state of dementia!



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