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Conveyor – One Word Prompt

No one likes to be the conveyor of bad news.

Many will prefer to be the purveyor of ideals or great ideas.

So, I hate to be the conveyor of the news below….or on hindsight purveyor of this inspirational idea for a male hairdo perhaps🤣?


If Garfield Could….


Wednesday Laughs

Fake news undoubtedly, unless someone can corroborate this?!😆

Luckily for me…I know😆

Now….this is how the weather should be reported!


Stifle – One Word Prompt

It is hard to stifle laughs…

Let it rip…giggle or snort…just laugh freely….who knows..

We can pick up new skills like photoshop🤣🤣🤣


Cavity – One Word Prompt

When there is a tooth cavity,

We all take it with grave gravity!

Off to the dentist to fix this cavity,

Wishing time under the drill with brevity.

No one loves any tooth cavity!

Steer clear of sweets to avoid cavities,

Be a vegan….erm or maybe not!


Tuesday Laughs

One day, a blonde’s neighbor goes over to her house, sees the blonde crying, and asks her what happened. The blonde said that her mother had passed away. The neighbor made her some coffee and calmed her down a little and then left. The next day the neighbor went back over to the house and found the blonde crying again. She asked her why she was crying this time.  

”I just got off of the phone with my sister, her mother died too!”


It Seems Porn Is “Harmless” – Comparatively Speaking




Not The Lord’s Prayer But Senility Prayer


Cheap, Good & Nice!

I have never been able to find cheap things to buy and so when I stumbled onto a “Fire Sale” Shop named ABC, I was intrigued. This shop was located some 1 km away from my mum’s new unit.

 I was delighted at how cheap the things in this shop were sold!

Mars and Snicker bars were going for $0.50 a bar – this is usually sold at $1.60 in regular supermarkets.

Nescafe instant gold coffee granules were priced at $8.95 whereas at the supermarket I pay $12.95 or $13.80 banded with a 50g free jar.

 I found instant noodles going for $0.50 for a packet of 7 noodles!

 Cup noodles ordinarily sold at $1.20 were going for $0.50.

 The expiry dates were decent ie in a couple of months for noodles whereas for the chocolates it was almost a year, expiring only in December 2018.

 So many things to buy and it is tempting really as I walked away paying $6.00 for so many items.

 This goes to show me that if I really explore the small lil ma and pa grocery type shops, I could get decent discounts.

 I will certainly go back there as there are household items too on sale such as shampoo, soaps and other useful things like a tube of Superglue being sold at $0.60 a tube. Of course this was the generic version and not Selley’s brand.

 I saw Fox’s chocolate crunch biscuits, ginger snaps etc all selling at $1.50 per roll. I did not dare buy these as it will be too decadent for me as such cookies are addictive.

 To pander to my snacking treat, I did buy a packet of Cheezels at $0.80 and a tin of Pringles Tortillas for $1.05. This would be my allowance for binging on snacks for the month LOL!

 I will definitely go back there for more goodies!