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Static – One Word Prompt

on January 13, 2018

Mr Eyeglasses has been in the same job since graduation. This spans more than a decade.

I felt he was static in his career. 

But if the job was good, bosses do not irritate and he was happy doing the same job, I told him to stay as good jobs are hard to come by.

This was when we met at Bates Motel as we exchanged updates.

I know Mr Eyeglasses for more than 10 years. Time flies. He is helpful and has a 13 year old.

Today as I returned from my medical tests, I heard my phone beeped repeatedly for text messages whilst driving. Whoever text me was impatient and soon my phone rang.

It was Mr Eyeglasses. He said that he text me for help.

I was stunned with what he shared.

He was arrested Friday evening and was charged with Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) and forgery.

Who charged you? Why? How come?

He shared that he has siphoned more than $400,000 over the 10 years and Friday he was caught in the act for pocketing $10,500.

He was crying. He was just released from police custody. He wanted my help for a lawyer.

I immediately called my good friend, a criminal lawyer, to help him citing lowered fees as Mr Eyeglasses is in dire straits.

I soon found out that Mr Eyeglasses is a gambling addict.

He found it easy to siphon company funds to fuel his gambling.

I told him as he has done the crime, he must pay the time.

He is looking at 5 years jail time if found guilty.

He admitted to the police.

It seems he accepted his static job as he was able to use it to fraudulently obtain funds.

Oh Mr Eyeglasses….you are in deep trouble now😔


3 responses to “Static – One Word Prompt

  1. Holy cow! That’s a lot of money!

  2. quiall says:

    We can never know another’s demons.

  3. juliehcares says:

    Oh wow. I’m sorry it happened and I’m glad you know somebody to call. I wouldn’t know what to do!

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