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Crazy Work Day & Manic Friday Ahead

Dowager has been insistently flippant on getting me to crunch data for her.

Yes she is due for a board meeting and she is excited as the venue is Germany.

Dowager loves a free trip and would ensure that she maximises on best hotel, best food…well anything that is best!🤣

I was irritated yesterday as she did a 365 degree turn to get me to rehash figures for her report.

I told her that I ain’t an accountant but can do math but presenting it in the way I say it.

Seriously weak in reading, Dowager asked me to trot to her room to “see her”

I went in and read it as it was written in the Excel file; 2 sets of data with each using different rate cards.

She wanted me to create a sensitivity analysis so that she can decide if she should use set A or set B.

I was riled really. No matter how you pivot the figures, it is based on assumptions.

So long as any variable changes, the whole file has to be redone.

Information is given to me in bits and pieces and I was to create a picture equivalent to Rembrandt or Rueben or Monet!

I was really disappointed yesterday at the amount of work she shoved onto me that I was snappish during dinner with mum and dad.

Mum was being difficult as usual. She insists on a particular red color for carpet but it was unfortunately pulled off the shelf by supplier as it failed a 3M test.

Instead of being glad that the failed product was recalled before installation, she gave unkind comments alluding to the interior designer and I colluded on costs!

I blew up! I do not take commission nor was I paid to oversee her very difficult renovation work. Infact if this particular friend of mine was not a friend, I was sure the contractor would have walked out.

Mum lives in the dark ages and thinks that carpeting the whole unit costs a few dollars.

I have managed to stretch her shoe string budget to include alot of things and in truth, it was a small fraction of what people ordinarily would have paid to put in kitchen cabinets, full wardrobe bespoked, fixtures and grab bars.

We fought about grab bars before as she was against it. But now after her recent fall she would meekly now remind me to put another 2 more 4 feet runs along the corridor.

Yes, I dread Friday as I have to be supervisor to oversee carpet installation and ensuring that the furniture gets moved without getting anything broken. I could be doing something more fun on my day off taken.

Thankfully, Mr Education has again kindly taken annual vacation day to help me.

I hope I survive Friday.

Saturday is when I need to take my dad to the clinic for his bloodwork.

His appointment to see the doctor is the following Saturday after this Saturday.


Dim – One Word Prompt

Dim the lights,

I can see with squinted sight.

Avoid dimming your wits,

We must always be witty fighting fit!

Memories dim with age ending in bits,

Strive we must to remember every juicy memory bit.

Yes, dim the lights,

But not your wits,

Lest we be called Dim Wits!



A hillbilly family took a vacation to New York City. One day, the father took his son into a large building. They were amazed by everything they saw, especially the elevator at one end of the lobby. The boy asked, “What’s this, Paw?” The father responded, “Son, I have never seen anything like this in my life. I don’t know what it is!” While the boy and his father were watching in wide-eyed astonishment, an old lady in a wheelchair rolled up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed and the boy and his father watched small circles of lights above the walls light up. They continued to watch the circles light up in the reverse direction. The walls opened again, and a voluptuous twenty-four-year old woman stepped out. The father turned to his son and said, “Go get your maw!”


FaceTime With “Baby”


Think Again


Facebook Announcement


Shoots Of Life

Shoots of life from earth peeked,

A frond of palm leaf desperate for life it seeks.

Amidst dry soil, its mangrove like roots seem weak.

Fear not, the Yellow Cane Palm is sturdy and will rise to its peak.

It will never grow in meek,

Rising tall with roots seeking a creek.


My Godly Complaints

I was inspired by BJ Brook’s Happy Traveler’s post today. It showed his humility and dedication to the word of God and he does his best to walk in the footsteps of God.

I face palmed self as I knew I have too many issues with God these days. I used to be pious and God fearing but given the trials and tribulations I have gone through all life, I started believing in self to get things fixed or done.

Yes, I know I cannot blame God but gee, God really tries my patience. For the longest time, I kept asking why He sent me a moron called MR EX and to pleeease get MR EX out of my life. It does not work.

MR EX continues to swarm around like a housefly with more than 2 days lifespan of its natural life and lives as if powered by Duracell! This was why I whacked him dead yesterday! So far, he has not resurrected yet! Maybe 3 days are not up yet!

Yet, he is so blessed by God that he continues to con and milk people for whatever they are worth. He loves the pedestal effect he creates and is plotting the creation of his own church. A new cult in the making for him! Pure genius! I blame self. Why let MR EX enter your life? Duhh!!! How could I turn down one’s plea for help or this or that? I tried but each time after helping, “*hmm more like aiding and abetting” he disappears and re-appears for new requests.

Yes, yes, we are all blind and don’t see or as my teacher used to say that we look but do not see.

Anyway, back to God, I have given up on Him as he has forgotten about me. He sent me jobs that had really mentally deranged Lords that gave me hell for earning dollars.

I had to exorcise self from those abusive methods of flogging me to work beyond 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet, Electrical Lord continues to live and hire new suckers to be indoctrinated in his abusive methodology of bossing minions.

Oh and don’t get me started on siblings…I have awful siblings. Selfish and always self first before others. I looked back at all the efforts I took to try and “buy” sibling love. They took whatever I bought and as soon as it was utilized, that was it.

I digress…what I meant to say was that I was so moved by what BJ shared in his outlook. I guess the point he is making is that we all have to be strong in our beliefs and do what is right. It is better to err and in humility.

I am awful. I hate MR EX. I hate the past 4 Lords I worked for and I was so glad to be out of their payroll. Had I stayed on for the sake of big bucks, I would have sold my soul to evil.

Meanwhile, I need to buy better wifi connectivity to God. It seems our blue tooth connectivity no longer exists and HE has very much left me to fend for self and deal with morons.

Hmm…what is the lesson for me? Could it be to deal with and move on with life and yes…on my own with no help from God sigh!

I guess God might send Thor to strike me with lightning soon! LOL! Anway, I am prepared for death as I never know when today is my last.

I wish I can be as strong in faith like BJ in God….guess God has also given up on me LOL!


Even Birds Not Spared

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