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Relationships Are Complicated

on February 13, 2018

I cannot understand why a man I know behaves like a housefly that will never die!


I have snubbed this man ceaselessly and mercilessly but yet this man does not disappear.

The best part is, this man has even vowed to haunt me if he dies first.

I wonder why a man who has a busy schedule will want to haunt me when alive and in death?


Thankfully he is not a stalker! He is to me (*I may be wrong), needy.

Or if I put it philosophically in Buddhist thinking, I tend to think of karma.

I feel I am intertwined with this man because of past life karma.

Pethaps in my previous life, I haunted him and now he haunts me in this life.

I allude to cause and effect.

I also feel that there is a friendship lifespan.

For example at one point in my life, certain people are closer to me. But over time, they fizzle out. Or maybe I stop trying to stay in continuous touch.

Once I understand this philosophy, I tend to be more understanding.

Housefly man will fizzle out in time when karma ripens.

I certainly do not want a spiritual being hanging around me if Housefly Man reports to the heavenly realm first.

I prefer to die first. But then, my karma may not allow as I journey on in my sufferings.


6 responses to “Relationships Are Complicated

  1. Oh well, at least he is around…

  2. jackcollier7 says:

    Just sweat the house fly man ❤

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