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This & That & What Ails When Am Bored!

on February 13, 2018

A fresh page is when a new post beckons and I wonder what I would write about?
It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I am not expecting anything nice in terms of a romantic dinner, long stemmed roses or even the come hither look that I would throw about or a male chap might throw my way. Why? Cos my eyes are glued onto my inanimate furball and or the goggle box LOL!
I feel too old to do anything remotely romantic and this evening, Mr Ability To Earn is taking me out for pre Chinese Lunar New Year treats. I will share with him that Bird’ father has passed on yesterday morning and that the funeral is rushed to avoid cremation during the Chinese Lunar New Year period where all things auspicious are expected.
I would also be having some laughs with Mr Ability To Earn this evening and to hear of his latest accomplishments in wealth creation. I believe some people have all the luck and for sure, he is one of them.
And of course there is MR EX! He texted me to say that one of his eyes was a goner – meaning that he cannot see well out of that eye. I told him that it serves him right as he wanted to go to a bourgeoisie eye surgeon seen by the film stars. Using such surgeons who do only 1 or 2 procedures a month is really not skilled to me.
Bourgeoisie Eye Surgeons do not treat a lot of cases when compared to any ophthalmic surgeon at the Singapore National Eye Center. Any idiot would know that plus our Eye Center is one the world’s best.
Since he was so choosy and only wanted to be seen amongst the elite, then he paid the price of having his lasik, followed by cataract and other what nots done!
I have little sympathy for MR EX as nothing he does, makes sense. But the heart in me said that I should provide some names for him to try and consult so as to “save” that visually impaired eye. I can be cruel but sadly, I am not wicked!
I gave him 2 names; Assoc Prof Louis Tong, foremost in dry eye clinic and quite a brilliant chap. The other was Dr Anshu Arundhati, Senior Consultant, corneal and external eye disease service who does refractive surgery service. Of course, there is my infamous “Construction Style Surgeon, Dr Billy Tan” – truly I heard he is renowned for doing cataract surgery.
I do not mean to sound rude but truly the Indians are fantastic eye surgeons as the sheer volume of procedures they do in India are plenty and cases are different and challenges their skillset. Hence, the same logic applies to Eye Center as it sees many patients around the world and locals!
So, whilst I gave MR EX good advice, I left it at that. Hell will freeze over if MR EX ever bothers to think of me and thank me for the help rendered to him each time he asks for help.
Dowager expects me to create a whole truckload of strategy for her to pass off as her own during her own board meeting. Plagiarism at its best and I guess I could reel off some text book models for her to use.
Technically, the rules of work culture have changed so drastically and if anyone who does not read up to stay abreast of changes, will get left behind. I try to read as much as I can, listening and hearing from learned business men as to what they have been up to or how they are being adept to today’s new economy.
I feel for the seniors as technology changes so fast so them that I wonder how in the world will they learn all the new phone functions of an android or an iPhone? Gee some people are weaned off the rotary phones and we are talking about moving from analog to digital without any humans serving us. Gee, just trying to activate season parking without humans is like a void from Twilight Zone for my dad!
Yes, I am bored! YAWN!


5 responses to “This & That & What Ails When Am Bored!

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    Have a big hug from me in advance of St. Valentine’s Day. ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Neethu says:

    Sorey about birds father..☹️and was GH you spoke highly of Indian eyes surgeons…yes truly…we( including me) operate soo many patients during our post graduation and fellowship period that we are trained to manage all kinds of complications and am sure the doctors at SNEC are truly amazing..I have soo many of my friends going in there for makes me happy when I see my fellow Indians doing well abroad…😊🤗🤗🤗

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Indeed! I met a lovel y Indian Eye Surgeon, Dr Anshu Arundhati, senior consultant Corneal and External Eye Disease Service and Refractive Surgery Service. She did my mum’s cataract surgery and she is brilliant

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