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My Attitude Towards Annual Dinner Part 2

on February 15, 2018

The dinner went very well with the emcee being the star!

Mr Emcee was the life of the party as he kept 145 guests rolling in so much laughter that the hours flew by like magic!

Food was fantastic…(*look out for Part 3 dedicated to food we enjoyed)

The games we played focused on the diners, making them the stars of the evening.

The old fashioned way of getting performers are passe and I was so glad to have found Mr Emcee.

The ballroom was divided into 2 teams and we pitched against each other to see if Team A or Team B wins.

Our seafarers were good sports as they gamely played each game.

I laughed heartily at the dance off. Robotic moves, Travolta’s jive talking and hip gyrations got the crowd in the room going.

On and all, apart from my own snarly team, the seafarers made it fun.

Despite being a so called people’s team, they sat amongst selves, not bothering to mingle with the crowd.

Such is a team that I am so called to be a part of.

I think this is Dowager’s creation…silo each person, divide and conquer.


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