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Warning – One Word Prompt

Signs that warn…

Pay heed or laugh..

Unless it is true…

We will never really know…

I think we all agree we have been warned…

But I frown…

How come cows can be deemed “used” or “people come under construction?



Me & My Floor

Me and my floor are inseparable as it is where I lay to chill out literally.

In weather as hot as ours, it is either turning the air conditioner on in the day if at home or save the ozone layer by just chilling on the cool marble floor with the fan on.

I prefer the latter as air con uses up energy as well as dries my skin.

Saturday past time has been spent watching movies on the net after chores and heavily icing my inflamed left thumb, left shoulder and left back.

Seems like the “leftists” of my body is staging a retaliation of sorts over the “rightists” of my body.

To distract self it was good to indulge in internet movies.

I started with a wholesome Godly type of movie called “The Princess Cut”

A synopsis of it would be a God fearing family has a daughter that wants to get married but keeps getting dumped by guys.

Moral of this story was not to seek love but let God guide and bring that love to you.

She ended up with a fella that moved from Illinois to open a clinic in North East Bend (*Don’t know which state this was as the movie never mentioned it).

A rural area or farmland where the God fearing family runs a soya bean plantation.

Fairy tale ending for the farmer’s daughter to be properly wooed as in asking the father permission to woo first then wed.

This does not happen in real life or at least not in my life!

Next up was a thriller…”Mistress Hunter” played by an Asian lady. Typical male philanderer and how wife takes revenge by hiring the services of the Mistress Hunter.

This is a good watch as the twists and turns of the plot kept me guessing indeed.

“Devious Nanny” was my third watch in this binge movie weekend. Again, I did not expect the ending.

The latter 2 movies I will not divulge the plot’s ending so as not to spoil your movie should you intend to watch it.

Laundry is done and so is ironing. I am glad as I have time for self this Saturday.

Dr James was very kind to reply me on the rationale as to why “Good” Friday!

I cannot thank you all for so kindly explaining to me and generally it was the corruption of the word “God’s” Friday to become “Good” Friday.

Yea…just me and my floor with Garfield by my side.


God Maybe Omnipresent But….

God is a good sport to allow us laughs during this Easter weekend 不

We all might be sinners…hmm but I remember sonewhere reading or taught that we are all born sinners…but hey, we may become saints不不


Vigilant Against Terrorism Or Things

How lil red dot keeps us on our toes for security awareness is through an SG Alert app!
I have downloaded it and it tells us where exercises on terrorist preparedness are carried out. It encourages us all to learn CPR, how to use a defibrillator and how to text and get help.
Our lil red dot knows that it is a matter of time before we are targeted and in the region, the terror threat is real.
Our intelligence has been on their toes and have foiled several attempts through good cooperation with our neighbors, Malaysia and Indonesia.
As a tiny red dot, we are an island state and so, access to us all round through the straits or high seas.
In fact, history has taught us how the Japanese occupied Singapore was through the sea and caught the British off guard.
We are continuously shown on TV how to report left baggage or suspicious activities.
We are taught to look out for one another and help one another.
Many may complain that we have a nanny like government but we are grateful for their intervention and in fact we have become so complacent and leave our trust in our government agencies to know that the food sold in our markets and stores are safe for consumption.
The only slip up was the recent importation of rock melons from Australia that had a soil contaminant. This rock melon was only sold at one chain of grocery shops. But we are lucky in that todate, there has been no outbreak of the illness that came with it, if eaten. In fact as soon as news broke in Australia, the supermarket chain immediately recalled with our local government agency.
I remember once when I was tourist in Malaysia some years back on how adverse feedback on quality of food was treated by the hotel staff.
My colleague and I were served cold French onion soup. We beckoned the waiter to help us heat it up. The bowls were returned to us with pungent smelling pine cleaner (*Dettol smelling) stench in our bowls of soup.
This is the quality of service and why I must remember that it has often been said that food served at hotels regardless we must never complain else the waiter may spit into it and return it to the table to us or put contaminants in it.
Who knows, these days with toxic nerve agents, anyone can perish with a brush of a hand or anything.
We must all remain vigilant at all times and protect our homeland. This is what every lil red dotter is taught!


“Lipstick” For Dieters

Use this lipstick…..

Then we need not do this when stepping on weighing scale!

If all fails..just do push ups.


Saturday Laughs

Better safe than sorry!


Husbands & Wives….

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Betrayed – One Word Prompt

Betrayed by Facebook….but we get enlightened!

Betrayed by office colleagues? Here’s getting back at them…

Nothing can quell the pain of betrayal…but perhaps the above helps soothe a little!


Pardon The Profanity…But Why Indeed?

How can it really be “Good Friday?” come to think about it!!


Frantic – One Word Prompt

When frantic,

I panic!

I realised I am not at the Olympics,

No one is sympathetic.

In fact, most are apathetic.

I am realistic.

I can get ballastic.

Unfortunately I am not good at gymnastics!