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Fact – One Word Prompt

on March 7, 2018

Facts are delivered without need for tact.

Facts can be cold hard truths.

Facts are just facts.

I’m always ready for bed.

It is a fact for me but sadly, I do not have enough hours in a day for sleeping!

I envy those who can wallow in bed and need not wake up by 6.30am daily.

Another fact is aging.

We all age.

From new born to toddler, to teens, young adults, adults, spouse, parent, grandparent and even great grandparent.

Shakespeare says it well in ‘As You Like It’ – 7 stages of life!

I feel as if it was just yesterday I was in primary school, happily reading my Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys or Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven, Famous Five or Mallory Towers series.

Today, I am worrying about job, old age, healthcare and taking care of my parents.

Yes, facts impact my life.

Facts are delivered without tact.


10 responses to “Fact – One Word Prompt

  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Stress will kill you. Let go of the stress and LIVE. There is so much we cannot control so why bother even stressing about it? Just do your best and put your efforts into doing just that and you’ll see, the stress will melt away. FYI …. you sound like my hubby. *sighs* I’m constantly telling him to lighten up, take a chill, stop stressing, look at the bright side ….. 😉

  2. I can’t stress enough the fact that stress is not good though I find that some people became more stressful when they learned how stress can affect their life and health. So, it seems that my advice causes more stress. Then a grammar fanatic heard me and said to me that stress is important. Perhaps, he’s already stressing too much to understand what I am talking about. Poor guy…

  3. I’m always ready for bed as well!

  4. Mr. Mel says:

    You don’t stress out about going to bed do you?😊

  5. I truly love this one. A great reminder indeed that facts can really enter immensely in our nerve and we can’t escape it. It is the reality that we can’t elude. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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