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Astonish – One Word Prompt

To win handsomely, one must astonish,

By finishing first!

Winner need not be Danish,

Nor Finnish,

But you just need to race to finish!

If the above don’t astonish you, then I am finished🤣🤣🤣


The Case Of The Devil I Know Versus The Devil I Don’t Know!

It is hard tendering your resignation to a company that is pretty decent but pays poorly. In all fairness, Dowager is not unreasonable and or difficult. In fact as an employee who is my supervisor, she is decent. In no way, does she behave like Electrical Lord, who is abusive and generally difficult.

I spoke with Dowager today and she shared with me that I was an asset to her. She is at crossroads too as she wants to dump the HR portfolio and take on a new portfolio. In this new portfolio, she wanted me to be with her.

Her strategy was to offload her current HR role to a Senior HR manager. Hmm..this explains why she did not consider me for that HR Senior Manager’s role as she wanted to “take” me to join her side.

In this aspect, I felt flattered to be wanted. It was a feel good moment, but I knew her selfish thinking. I was a good hand because I know how to do a lot of things, when she does not. I make her look good.

She openly shared with me that if she had a choice, she would sack the entire HR team but she cannot as these people need a job. In this sense, she has a heart but a silly decision to make and keep those laggards. So, Old Hag is not as much loved by Dowager as I thought.

I have many skills and talent and she wanted me to help her in doing board matters.

So it boiled down to compensation.

I told her that I was 100% underpaid. I do a lot more than the bunch of laggards she has for the team. What was her sweetener I asked her?

She went on and on that she has not much budget to give and that I was silly to resign now as they are in the process of doing the variable bonuses to pay out and the yearly increments. If any, I should hold back till I get what I earned for the year with her.

Whilst it is the case now of “the devil I know versus the devil I don’t” – the one with more compensation is the devil I don’t know.

I am nervous. I am nervous because I am unsure what the synergy between Monkey Lord, Eunuch and I, will be like. I am familiar with Dowager. I know that she is good in her temperament and that she allows me to tend to my parents if I need to. There is kindness in her. The only down side was the compensation.

I told her to think about a sweetener for me and she told me to stay, but without much uplift.

Really folks…it is a case of the devil I do know and the devil I don’t know! LOL! Sigh!




Fathers Pay Heed…


Only Trump Can!


So True


Different…Know The Difference!

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Outing With Mum & Dad

I took mum and dad out for a short walk at the Botanical Gardens. I know that with mum’s weak legs, this is required to help her by mobilizing her muscles to work.

So, I needed a short walk with available seats on standby for when my 2 parents get tired and needed to sit down.

We had a good browse through the gift shop with mum whilst I parked dad at the free to read book corner whereby a nationwide “donate a book corner” was.

1.Lovely tea sets with orchid motifs in gift shop

2. Decorative items with our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

3. Bottle magnets using Vanda Miss Joaquim

It was an idyllic spot for dad as it was next to a carp pond and dad used to keep aquariums of fishes.

4. Orange carp and koi fishes

5. More Orange fishes on the other side of the pond

These fishes at the botanical gardens are smart. As soon as they hear human footsteps coming, they will all swim towards us. I believe this is due to conditioning by their caretakers who feed them daily.

I also see visitors feeding the fishes in the pond and the fishes are really healthy and happy to eat up the pellets or bread.

I was intrigued with this Asparagus Fern from Japan & Taiwan origination when I saw it. It does look curly whirly like a seaweed. But it was labelled as an Asparagus Fern Asidistra Elatiro, Cast Iron Plant, Asparagaceae, Japan & Taiwan.

6. Asparagus Fern

We saw Sparky jumping from tree to tree and hugging the steel beams. I used my Samsung phone to capture photos of him leaping so nimbly and happily.

7. Sparky having a field day!

Mum and dad were happy to be out and seeing these.

Unfortunately the weather was too scorching hot for them to venture into the sunny areas and so mum and I browsed in the gift shop.

Mum saw a walking stick that was nicely decorated with our national flower, the Vanda Ms Joaquim. She loved the colors and how it can fold like a cane used by the visibly impaired these days to be stowed away in a bag. Still, it did not entice her to want to buy it and use.

The Vanda Miss Joaquim was picked from among 40 flowers, out of which 30 were orchids, as Singapore’s national flower. Among the several varieties of Vanda Miss Joaquim, the variety “Agnes” was chosen particularly for its vibrant colours, hardiness and resilience – qualities which reflect the Singapore spirit.

This orchid is a hybrid between Vanda hookeriana and Vanda teres, and the first director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens Mr H.N. Ridley in 1893 named the orchid after Agnes Joaquim (or Ashkhen Hovakimian in Armenian). However, there is a controversy whether the flower was actually bred or discovered by Agnes Joaquim. One account suggests that the plant was a natural hybrid and was merely discovered by Agnes Joaquim who spotted it in her garden in 1893. Another account claims that as an experienced horticulturalist, Agnes Joaquim created the hybrid rather than discovered it.” [Source: The S.U.R.E. campaign is an initiative by the National Library Board to promote the importance of information searching and discernment. The nation-wide campaign was launched in 2013, and Singapore is the first country outside of the United States to promote Information Literacy (IL) on a national scale for the general public.]


Tantrum – One Word Prompt

At work I can see how colleagues throw tantrums at each other.

Last week I saw how Ms Slow Poke cross fiery swords with Mr Long Winded.

Mr Long Winded was upset because Ms Slow Poke does not understand finance but pretends to be an expert.

In finance, books must balance and it cannot be a case of massaging values. Even I know that!

I asked Dowager that if I used the “reasonable man on the street” rule – why was Mr Long Winded so riled up? There must be a financial reason since he has a CPA? Dowager pooh poohed it away.

Ms Slow Poke cut me off and stated that Mr Long Winded is just being difficult and that I should not waste time trying to understand Mr Long Winded.

Ms Slow Poke is a political player and I have come to see her as not a nice person. She is eager to prove her self worth and score brownie points.

So much for team work as Dowager is not in any way a leader nor a team player.

In fact she fuels the fire by allowing these 2 to shout at each other during team meetings.

It reminded me of how Parliament sits in Taiwan with shoutings and fist fights. How ludricous. If I add the ages of both Ms Slow Poke and Mr Long Winded, it would be near a 100 years old. Yet they are behaving likes babies missing a pacifier each!

I was shocked at how Dowager chaired meetings. I have held senior positions in MNCs as chair and this would never have happened. Neither would I be constantly reminded that I cannot talk or raise questions at meetings!

Maybe the 2 warring parties ought to have a bowl of soup from the can shown below.

We do not need tantrums,

Never in areas of work spectrums.

We must conduct selves with decorum,

Never with tantrums!


Toilet Paper Wins!


Too Smart For Own Good

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