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Trials And Tribulations Of Being Single

Married friends and acquaintances I know of, will always congratulate me on my singlehood.
They bemoan family duties, house chores and that no one helps them out. The quarrels they will have with their spouses, the patch ups, the tolerating of in laws and the list goes on.
Single friends, such as myself, will always wish for the knight in shining armour to come woo and sweep us off our feet and ride into the sunset with a happily ever after tale!!

In reality, I know that marriage is not easy. I have never been married but I have been around married people long enough to know that they bicker on just about everything.
Toilet seat, tooth paste caps not put back, toilet rolls – which way it should be placed, why aren’t husbands helping out with the chores etc.
Being single means zero companionship when reaching home. If you have a pet, you can put your love on it or if you have an inanimate furball Garfield like me, you can preen it the way you want and dress it with whatever you choose.
When I am hungry, it is just my tummy and mine alone. But when married, it is my husband, children and gawd knows who else that will live with us.
I am a rebel at heart and doubt I can tolerate difficult in laws. I would outlaw them but respect and care from a far.
If my potential husband has to listen to a mother or me as a wife, I would have to give in as who would want a man to choose between his birth mum and I.
It would be a way to early divorce.
I have been in a relationship…actually a few really but none matched my expectations. I think it is because I see marriage as a business deal. If it does not work, there are a lot of fallout issues and casualties would be high.
But not everyone is happy being single and wish for a man in their lives. I too, would love to find the man of my dreams – but like I said, in my dreams.
Some marriages are truly blessed and I can see the love between the couple till they age together and die. I saw how our then Prime Minister cared for his ailing wife and how frail he became upon losing her. His wife was couple of years older than him and suffered a series of strokes.
Marriages can be matches made in heaven or hell as it is often quipped.
I prefer a marriage made in heaven as marriages made in hell are doomed and seriously, I do not need more life pressures.
For now, singleton lifestyle. I eat when I want.
I go out when I want and return when I want.
I can focus on caring for my elderly folks and do social voluntary work.
I can blog and talk shop to whoever that needs a chat anytime as I need to put children to bed, or ensure their lunch is packed or dinners to be made. But I have to be comfortable in my own skin and know that when I age, I will have no one to care for me and know it whereas for married people with children, they think that their children will care for them. But when they don’t expectations run foul and relationships sour up! Sigh.


Epic Fails To Avoid


His Holiness, The Pope


Remember To Use Initials Of Your Name Properly


Things To Do…

I hate it when there are things to be done. It is, if you will, like a choker hung around my neck.

Gee!! Now I know how my dog must have felt before. No wonder my pet Dobermann was so happy whenever I removed the collar from her when she is at home.

Things to do, in any other name such as tasks or jobs or items outstanding, cannot lessen what needs to be done really!

I was nagging at Mr Old Man, our family contractor who is in his 50s but I call him “old man” as he dawdles till I get him moving to change an old water heater that has gone south!

To get him going, I must find the quotations and put it under his nose before he starts moving. But to be fair to him, he may be a tortoise but he ultimately get things done. Which is good. Perhaps he is one of those that is slow and steady but wins the race?

It is good to have a reliable contractor who will oversee jobs and get things done without lose ends as one needs to assign time for the plumber or electrician to come and get it fixed.

Now, that is one item off my to do list – Thankfully!

The rest are weekly repeats…sigh..if anyone can invent clothes that need not be ironed or clothes that need not be washed, it would be a miracle!

I did read somewhere that someone had invented underwear that need not be washed for couple of months. Made with some sort of chemical, it actually “self cleans” by killing microbes and bacteria including odours- but I would be worried if one wears it as it could be harmful chemicals!

I remember a lawyer friend who is an American but working and living in Singapore. He was single at the time and told me that he was fussy about how laundry was to be done. Underwear must be hand washed and never thrown in with the other garments as it should not “marinade” with the other garments for hygiene reasons!

He thinks like my mum and this is how my mum has taught me! I hand wash all my underwear and throw it clean into the washing cycle so that it gets an additional wash. Yes, I am paranoid about keeping things clean.

LOL! My bath towels are changed every day, as if like hotel standard and at most, 2 days and it gets thrown into the washer.

I am nutty or batty as on would say! This translates into more chores or things to do for me really! LOL!



My Purpose This Week

It has been a long time since I stepped into a large shopping mall in Singapore. Today was an exception as I was “forced” to do so, on account that I received a $50 gift certificate for feedback I participated in.

LOL! My gabbings actually earned me dollars! I am delighted. But the catch was that I must visit a mall under the Captial Mall properties. These are few and far between in the area where I live and so, the nearest was in the heart of the city.

So, with my Garfield T shirt and Saucony sneakers, I look like a country bumpkin going to Robinson’s. Who cares really, so long as I have dollars in my pockets LOL!

I will feel like Pretty Woman, asking the sales team to bring me things of the same design but in different colors. Yes, I shop in a funny way.

I hate trying out clothes and if I have to do it, I will try it and if I like it and it fits my fat little self, then I will buy 6 to 7 pieces of the same cut and design, depending on colors.

It is hard to find cotton or linen blouses for work clothes as a lot of the fabrics these days are in synthetic materials and I hate the feel of synthetics.

To be frank, $50 will not get me a blouse, maybe ¾ of a blouse as blouses cost as much as $129 per piece. Still, any amount contributing to a blouse is happily received of course.

I could use the gift certificate to food stuff too but I feel it is silly to drive to town and pay parking through my nose to buy groceries there. So, if possible, not groceries but practical clothes would be good.

I would need some new pieces of clothing as I embark on my new job next month and this was a good time to buy some since I have the time for it.

Saturday is when I need to see Dr Chomps for my quarterly treatment or bloodletting experience as he goes through a tedious process to manually dig at my gums to prevent infections.

I like Dr Chomps. He is friendly and has been my dentist for more than 20 years! We have both grown older together as we were both fresh upstarts then.

Then I have to get bloodwork done at the hospital to see if I am alive.

Generally, I would be alive, just how much of it is the next question.

I had wanted to see Dr James my neurosurgeon as my neck has been hurting to bad that the world spins when it does hurt. I wonder if the screws in my neck need some oiling or if it is because I over used my neck. My neck feels tired and is probably protesting by giving me pain.

Pain sucks really! If anyone suffers from perennial pain, they would know how I feel. If it is not the spine, it is the legs. If it is not the legs, it is the dreaded neck. If it is not the dreaded neck, it is the thumb and the shoulder etc.

I suppose it all stems from the spine. My spine is overworked and worn. I am told that as I age, I will end up with screws throughout the entire spinal column eventually.

I am told that I am fragile!

I refuse to believe I am fragile. I continue to do things the mind tells me. This is why my pain is exacerbated each time.

Dr James feel that I should not be walking too much. He worries that my knees will wear out. I love walking and have not been walking as much as I like.

I guess I have to live a life of hugging my inanimate furball, Garfield, sitting self in an alfresco café, sipping a latte and doing eye ball exercises.

I am bored!



Orange Man & Rocket Man – #6 The Saga Continues

Hot Off the press! Hot Off the press!

it seems  the summit between the Orange and Rocket Man is back – except this time, moderated by Moon Man. This way, good behavior will prevail and the best part is that it is still slated for 12 June 2018!

3 way or 2 way so long as not the highway, the summit continues!

Talk about flip flopping. I have never seen men change their minds so quickly as women! LOL!

Still and until 12 June 2018 rolls in, the ball is round and who knows, the summit may get derailed again.

Meanwhile keeping fingers, toes and all 4 paws crossed for world peace!

May lil red dot play a role in allowing world peace to prevail between 2 boys…erm…men!



Just Another Monday, Just Happier!

Monday is usually an arrgh day for me as it is the start of a new work week. But not today! Today is my last working day at Dowager’s and I have so many thoughts racing through my head.

Firstly I was sad that the Daily Prompt that I am so used to no longer shows up on my reader. So, I will need to rely on Calm Kate to post and then I get to know about the word of the day to do my post (*Thanks Calm Kate). Do pop by her site on:

Good reads for us that makes us think.

I was happy to listen to my fave 2 DJs on One FM. This morning they hosted an interview with Joseph Schooling, our home grown Olympic gold medalist for swimming 100m Butterfly in 2016 Olympics. Singapore’s first ever swimming Olympian gold medal.

As Flying Dutchman was on sick leave due to a neck pain (*sounds like me LOL!), Raju the comedian stepped in.

Some of the banter centered on, what are Joseph’s favorite things and we found out that his favorite underwear is Hugo Boss. But of course it has to be, since he is the brand ambassador for fashion house, Hugo Boss! He has turned pro now, as he endorses several brands of product.

He shared that he liked wearing the cut of Hugo Boss’ suits as his shoulders and hip sizes do not match. His shoulders are big and so, the precise cuttings of Hugo Boss’ suits are great.

Raju being the typical funny man asked if Joseph has a girlfriend each in USA or Singapore since he shuttles between 2 countries so much. Joseph, age 22 years, was quick to deflect and shared that he had none in either. The media at one time thought he was dating Angela Lee, the MMA fighter, also a champion in her own right but this was untrue. Raju then quipped that he would be happy to cook Joseph a swimming pool made of curry!

Tomorrow is Vesak Day and this is a feast day of Buddha for Buddhists to venerate and observe the 8 precepts and bathing of Buddha

How will I spend Vesak Day? Probably doing another urban walk somewhere and see what I can find!

I am not a Buddhist and will not be jostling with the crowd to visit any temple. If I do visit temples or churches or holy places, I generally do it without going on feast days, as I like the quiet one to one interface to the holy deity and “complain” of my needs or why this or why that.

LOL! I am taught never to question the Gods and am sure that when they do see me crawling in, they do moan and say, “here comes that Complain Queen who is never satisfied” – Errm hallo!!! I have not found enlightenment just yet and of course I have heaps of questions!

I remembered once that I had a bone to pick with a particular God in the Taoist temple. This is quite a famous God who is supposedly very helpful and I needed help. So, on Chicken’s recommendation, off I sped to that temple, faster than a speeding bullet!

But guess what! Blimey on reaching the holy ground, it was as if they got wind on wifi that this world’s greatest sinner was coming and they sounded the horns and all went into “hiding”

Seriously, the entire temple has no deity in sight as it was bare. The rooms of where each deity sat were empty!

I asked the temple grounds keeper and she shared that apparently they were kept for repainting exercise.

Hmm..I was not one to give up and went to each of the niches or rooms where their idols used to sit and griped that “ I know you can hear me. So do not hide.” I then rattled off my “complaints!”

No wonder the Gods hate me. LOL!

I am one who will probably burn in hell, beyond salvation as they say LOL!

I wish all Buddhists a holy Vesak Day ahead.


Specially For Men..Read Carefully

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Last Day At Dowager’s – The Grand Finale!

I have always kept a low profile at Dowager’s land. With the vow of silence I am forced to take for the entire year I have been there, I hardly know my colleagues and they too, hardly know me.
So, when I was topping up my water bottle in the pantry, I decided to open my mouth as I cannot be bothered as to how Dowager would find ways to make my work life less tolerable as she has no more days with me! LOL!
So I chatted with Mr Pikachiu and Ms Basically. As usual, Ms Basically’s hair fringe covered half her face and I felt so irritated by it – if only she would clip it up or snip it off. I know that dogs with fur that covered their vision, actually suffered from loss of sight over time. I wanted to tell Ms Basically that this could happen to her but bit my tongue. She is in her late 40s and yet she thinks this style makes her a fashionista. It did not!
Mr Pikachiu was being cheeky and teased me as to where I was going i.e. next job. I did not say much but remain mysteriously quiet. This is the time when the training for the vow of vespers work really.
Mr Pikachiu would not let up and interviewed me for my background.
Who do I know?
He ended up floored and told me that I will definitely do better than being in this current company.
Ms Basically chipped in saying that this company paid poorly. But she needed a job.
All of us, to use her favorite phrase – “Basically” needs a job.
We laughed and chatted.Soon Submarine Lord came in to get water for his drinking mug. He laughed and said that he “caught” us skiving at work!
He turned to me and said that I was silly to be caught for the only time I did it whilst the others have been skiving all the time! LOL! He knows that I work through lunch etc and never take a break as I have lots to do always.
I will miss Submarine Lord as he is a kind hearted person, unlike Dowager who selfishly takes what she wants, when she wants and how she wants it.
It is my last day here and I will leave quietly, without pomp or fanfare as I hate good byes but then, I do not have any bonds built with anyone and so, parting will not be such “sweet sorrow”
I am planning to go shopping for some blouses later…maybe…thus ends another chapter of my Book of Jobs (*Not the biblical character of Job but in occupational job!)
A new chapter in my Book Of Jobs will commence once I enter the kingdom of Monkey Lord and Eunuch. 2 new main characters of my minion life.
Fun times?
I do not know really and will not expect much as it is just a job, where I collect my salary for a job fairly done. If I am treated well, I will give A star grade and if not, just a passing grade of C or D LOL!
I would love to score distinction like in academia but hey, I have learnt enough to work smart, not too hard. But work just hard enough to pass my probation of 6 months!