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Thursday…Work Eases A Bit

on July 12, 2018

I told self that I would leave on time today i.e. 5.30pm as I was really tired.

I suffer from Sjorgren’s Syndrome and my skin is so dry on my face that the corners of my mouth started to peel and crack.

This means I am very stressed and that if I don’t try and go home today at an earthly hour, my body would protest till I break down.

Each I open my mouth to eat or drink, it tears the corners more. And it hurts really! Sigh!

I have slathered creams and applied 2 steroid creams. Steroid is the only option for me. Double sigh!

Ms Feisty works hard and is unique in her own way. I like her gumption and she had her first brush with Money Bags.

Money Bags told her off at 4.30pm when she approached him to sign cheques. Snappishly he said he was leaving and that “what’s wrong” with tomorrow?

Money Bags thinks that resignees should wait and beg for their final salaries. No one else’s time is important except his!

In situations like that with Money Bags, I told Ms Feisty to laugh it off and be positive!

Such is life. Meanwhile I wait for World Cup finals…France or Croatia?

Hmm….if I was a betting lady….would it be Croatia? Or France?

Your guess?

Oh and I left at 6pm. Lots to do still on my desk but I left. 1 month 1 day of 16 hour days has reared my Sjorgren’s and I don’t want it dominant again.

Good night folks😴


8 responses to “Thursday…Work Eases A Bit

  1. I’m glad you insisted on getting out of there – they won’t have you at all if you let your health slip.

  2. I like the bee cartoon. =)

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