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Heatwave In UK!

on August 6, 2018

I was listening to the banter on my fave radio station by Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman (FD).

Glenn loves dogs. He has a dog whom he named as “Biscuit” and recently shared that he was moving to a bigger apartment so that he, his wife and Biscuit could have more room.

This morning, they touched on the heat wave in UK.

Glenn said that the dog owners of UK were advised to have their pet dogs indoors as there was a heatwave!

FD interjected by laughing and qualifying that UK’s heatwave was 30C!

Our heatwave was 35C and our dogs still get their walks.

Glenn shared that dogs could walk at night isn’t it? Given that in the day, the heat on the pavements or roads were hot and so the night is cooler to walk their dogs isn’t it?

It reminded me that folks in different parts of the world are exposed to different climates and what may seem a “heatwave” to some are actually mild and cool to those like us who live in daily 33C or 34C and a heatwave is at 35C. Again those in Abu Dhabi or in Middle East will have even hotter summers!


16 responses to “Heatwave In UK!

  1. Certain breeds of dogs have a hard time during hot weather though I think that many dog breeds would be just fine at 35C. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to trim the hair of long-haired dogs during summer.

  2. Yes, my mother’s German Shepherd has thick fur and is uncomfortable with too much heat, while Rocky copes better with his short coat. British dogs just aren’t used to such prolonged hot temperatures! πŸΊπŸ’•πŸΊ

  3. Kris says:

    Agreed. My spouse told me it was going to get up to 105 F in Eastern Oregon this week. That, I believe is a bit too warm for my liking!!!!!!!!
    I’m pretty sure the cats will be hiding or melted-

  4. scifihammy says:

    You’re so right – it is all relative. Though 30C might not seem too hot to you and me, they are just not used to it in UK. It has been humid too which makes it worse and everyone has more fat layers – to get them through the snowy winters! πŸ˜‰
    I was chatting about this to my sister this weekend. I think it is the Change in temperature and not the absolute value which makes it feel hotter or colder. After all, 15C here in CT can feel jolly cold, but would be a pleasant day in UK! πŸ˜€

  5. ❀❀❀❀

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