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Meeting Board Members

on August 11, 2018

Today I met with Monkey Lord’s bosses – the Board, comprising Chairman and 3 other board members.

My presentation was delayed from pre noon till 2.30pm and I did not dare go and have a quick bite as I was told to wait, as in standby.

I was famished but I held on.

Silly me, made self a cup of green tea in a styrofoam cup but only to have it spilt all over my linen white pants!

Gee…I have yet to present my slides and meet the Board and my attire is soaked with green tea!!

Off I scooted to the ladies to dry my blouse and pants by using the hand dryer.

Thankfully we have those powerful trough like dryer to slot hands in to blow dry. I put my blouse in it and it was blown dry. Luckily I wore a green blouse. Green on green was not obvious.

Finally my turn came.

In his mid 70s, Chairman has a wealth of experience and I was impressed with his comments and observations with Human Resources.

Chairman was a nice grandfatherly type chap. He wasn’t rude (*rumors from Money Bags implied Chairman was “unreasonable”)

Chairman was astute and commented on my role to help Monkey Lord in a strategic HR role. It was not about daily administrative stuff but the planning and coming up with great ideas to grow the talent pool.

He said that they waited patiently for me to join them and would like me to assist in coming up with incentives and plans to retain talent.

I am not Houdini but will try my best to get it done.

Thankfully they had salad for lunch and not pizza.

I ate my bread bun at 4pm…My lunch at 4pm left me too full to eat dinner at 7.30pm but hungry at 12.15am…sigh….FAT!!
*Peanuts meme is courtesy of the creator of Peanuts and Snoopy Gang, Charles Schulz.


12 responses to “Meeting Board Members

  1. scifihammy says:

    Oh dear! I felt so sorry for you just having to sit there and wait, and not daring to have any lunch. But the green tea incident!! Oh dear! Doesn’t it always happen like that? I’m glad you managed to dry off before you were called in!
    The Chairmen sound quite reasonable and great to know they value your opinion and input into the company. 🙂

  2. I’m glad that, after all that waiting (and trouble!) the meeting seems to have gone extremely well.

  3. It sounds like the meeting went well and you handled it admirably – hope you didn’t scald yourself…I have dropped a teabag on my foot before and been left with a perfectly round scald mark…

  4. Singledust says:

    you have the mots hilarious days but maybe it seems that way from how you tell it!

  5. Kris says:

    I read this and thought you were very brave! I think the last time I had a white skirt or pants was before babies!
    I bet you were incredibly awesome, too—

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