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Wooing By Ship Lord – Good Or Bad?

on August 29, 2018

It seems that I have economic worth left in work life as I got a call from Ship Lord as to if I was interested in joining them.

The “wooing” begins.

I am not unhappy here at Monkey Lord. Monkey Lord has been very nice thus far and Eunuch, despite his hissy fits is still acceptable. I just have to accept Eunuch’s ego and Money Bag’s idiosyncrasies and avoid contact with Money Bags where possible.

So, why do I bother?

I feel it is good to go and meet people; potential or otherwise as it smartens me and my work life horizon.

Ship Lord is not a good company on paper as they almost bellied up and with the downturn for shipping, but I am told they have found a White Knight.

So, I am piqued to know more.

In its hey days when the market was robust for oil and gas, marine and shipping, they were big boys. Now they have shrunk to become anchovies in an ocean. But perhaps with anchovies, we will never know as they are important.

This meeting of the Ship Lord takes place later this week and I guess I will just have to size up.

I do not wish to jump into an abyss of no return.

On the brighter side of things, I  have been busy as usual at work.

Ms Feisty is lost with the English language and looks at me in desperation. I will need her to brush up her English, both conversational and written. Her numeric skills are adequate and so she will be ok.

Ms Blur Like Sotong may be 23 years old but she has the loopy mind of a 90 year old. She is forgetful and requires me to remind her to read emails and process things in her head. She repeats audibly to me the instructions I tell her. I hear an echo whenever I speak LOL!

I have Ms Ajima overhearing our loopy conversations and bursting out into uncontrollable laughter each time. Yes, we provide entertainment to the others in the office who are seated near us.

Like I told Ms Ajima, if the 3 of us in my team loses their job here, we will be out as a comedy trio busking for funds on the streets and if lucky end up with our comedy slot on air.

Ahh well, it is another day at work! Another day of wages earned is my attitude.

3 responses to “Wooing By Ship Lord – Good Or Bad?

  1. juliehcares says:

    I agree that it’s always good to keep looking. You never know!

  2. scifihammy says:

    Always nice to be wanted. 🙂
    Even though it sounds like you have settled down well at Monkey Lord’s.

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