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CM’s Food Porn #42 – Hawker Fare & Much Ado About UNESCO Heritage Listing

For readers who are just checking in for the first time on my blog site, CM is my classmate. CM is my acronym for ClassMate (CM).

I have a bad habit of coining funny names for people I meet in my journey of life. Some people are not so nice, others are nice. Some are hilarious, others are down right rude. But this is life and its social stratum that comes with it.

The acronyms I create for these characters are real and in order for them to be featured in my posts respectfully, names have been changed. LOL!

I learnt this from watching FBI series and Law & Order whereby they always start an episode with this disclaimer.

Still, I pen with sardonic humor, satire and all things laughable!

CM is off somewhere to a part in the ASIAN region. I do not ask where he is as the food he features on his photos sent to me says it all.

Below is an array of food he had for breakfast this morning.

Eating soft boiled eggs is a favorite brekkie item. But I cringe on even looking at it. Usually taken with pepper and soya sauce seasonings, people gulp it down.

In this photo it it uniquely served in a glass for us it is a plate.

Basically, he is a foodie. A what I call “piggie” in the nicest of way who loves food but does not have the size of a foodie. He is not slim, but he is not fat or obese either. But he has Type 2 diabetes and from what I see, he does choose his food carefully, indulging in Japanese shashimi (raw fish) most times, if he is not binging on carbs.

I am sure some of you may have heard about Singapore (I fondly call lil red dot) putting in a pitch for our “Hawker fare” being listed on UNESCO Heritage site as we are unique in our street food, we call Hawker fare.

But because our food is a hodge podge of reinvented cuisine of the region to suit our palate and became our heritage over the 200 years (we celebrate our bicentennial year in 2019) since our founding, we felt it will show our heritage culture with the world.

Singaporeans are really a foodie lot and CM is just one example of us. Admittedly, he goes way beyond the norm but he is one of us.

We meet over food. No matter where we are located, be it in Africa, some remote village or in New York or UK or Australia…we meet whenever there is an event organised with prized dishes such as Chicken Rice, Satay, Curry Chicken, Laksa, Hokkien Mee etc.

As a foreign student in the University of Oregon, Eugene, I formed part of the Singapore Students’ Association to showcase our food. Where I lived on Ferry Street, we organised in our quad yard, a feast of local Singapore fare for our host parents.

I enjoyed it very much as I could see the American families tucking into our local food and enjoying every morsel of it.

Truth be told for any tourist or visitor to Singapore, they remember us for a few things but food tops the list for their return visit.

Food defines us as a nation, food makes us who were are and food unites us a people. Silly but so true.

But in so doing, we have upset a Malaysian Celebrity Chef called Chef Wan. He is upset. I suppose it is nationalistic pride as being a chef, he will want to stake those dishes as those of his country.

It is a pity that in so doing, we will upset people as well as excite some people.

We cannot win it all. If we win the coveted listing, I wonder how will the region see us.

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Let’s Laugh

I said to my two-year-old son, “Now, what noise does a cat make?”


“Good, but do you know what noise a dog makes?”

“Woof woof!”

“That’s right! Now tell me what noise a cow makes?”

” If you even think about going out to that %#$%^ pub with your friends then you can forget about ever being let back in this house!”

That’s my boy.

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Broken Cookies?



I couldn’t help but overhear two guys in their mid-twenties while sitting at the bar last night.
One of the guys says to his buddy: “Man you look tired.”
His buddy says: “Mate I’m exhausted. My girlfriend and I have sex all the time. She’s after me 3 and 4 times a day. She wants sex before breakfast, sex before I go to work, when I come home she’s tearing my shirt off as I come through the door.
She’s got her hands down my pants after dinner. She even joins me in the shower almost every night. I just don’t know what to do.”
A fellow in his 50’s sitting a couple of stools down, also overheard the conversation.
He looked over at the two young men and with the wisdom of years said,
“Marry her. That’ll put a stop to all that shit!”😂😂

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Laughing My Toes Off

I have not had the opportunity to laugh my toes off lately.

What with work, elderly care, social work and me hardly having the time to catch up with soapies, I just have enough time to eat, sleep, give Garfield a good hug and the whole cycle repeats.

I really feel for my parents. In their golden years, they have no children by their side. I know they must feel lonely and with loneliness, comes a lot of regrets and look backs at life.

I took stock of my life.


I do not have any regrets really. I do not regret passing off 2 marriage proposals – one to MR EX and another to MR Architect.

If I had married either, I would be either dirt poor ( MR EX) or obscenely rich (MR Architect).

If I had decided to be a partner to MR Surgeon 1 or Mr Surgeon 2, I would have been wifey #2 – neither posts, I liked LOL!

I decided to be single.

Being single has its ups and downs.

Singleton means the ability to be comfortable on my own. I am really. I have so many things to do that keeps me busy. Plus with health issues, no man would seriously find me good as the vow of “in sickness and in health” would really be a strain for the MAN that picks me.

So, do I regret?

Not really as each decision I made, I did it with thinking of the present and the future.

Do I regret not being better off? To be in top 10% of earners?

Not really again is my answer. I may not have millions but at least I do not owe the world. I live simply, humbly and am paying mortgage. I wish I did not have to pay for mortgage but I realize that 90% of Singaporeans owe money to the bank, loan sharks excluded although I know plenty are in debt.

I need to laugh heartily and happily to equate my phrase of laughing my toes off.

I do that with Ms Feisty at work and Ms Blur Like Sotong (Knucklehead as in really clueless despite telling her things to do) Blur Like Sotong is a colloquial phrase used here to refer to beings who are so lost. The squid or we call Sotong in Malay is technically “blind” and feels its way around through use of its tentacles. So Ms Blur Like Sotong fits the usage of this term.

But I do not laugh with my heart as my heart is sad. I worry about things.

I worry about my aging parents.

I worry if I am able to see them through their final leg of the journey.

Yes, I know that children must bury their parents – this is the journey of life.

I do not know if I can do it, and do it well.



470 Day Streak – Yet Another Reminder Badge

*Image used is credited to WordPress*

I received another congratulatory badge today to remind me that I have posted non stop for 470 days!

I think this is a new encouragement to bloggers like me to continue to write.

I wonder if this is a daily affair till I hit 500 perhaps?

I am happy of course. It reminds me that I have been posting daily for 1 year and 28 days despite my being on WordPress some years back.

I guess I have a lot to say in life or at least in my journey of life.

it is about the situations, the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs and last but not least sibling issues and work woes.

Sounds like the setting of a great series on soap opera…I have wondered if my life will be a roaring success like the recent Crazy Rich Asians movies, penned by a Singaporean who is incidentally, a national service man defaulter. He failed to return to Singapore to serve national service in a uniform group and if he sets back on Singapore soil, he will be fined up to $10,000.

Guess he made it big and got onto the red carpet of Hollywood! LOL! We do have talented Singaporeans.

Speaking of Soaps, I have been watching Couple Investigators, a Korean drama series, centered on Dr Baek Bom (Forensic expert) and Hyun (public prosecutor).

I love the colorful characters such as the famous toxicologist, Stella, who speaks American English and reminds of a character named Abbey in NCIS starring Mark Harmon.

I enjoy watching such a theme series of solving crimes through autopsies and how the district prosecutor presses on to solve the crimes.

It is not a draggy series and unlike most K dramas, it is fast paced and riveting. Spanning 30 episodes, I am now at Episode 23.

Summarily the plot goes like this:

Baek Bom or Dr Psycho (as he is an unsmiling and sarcastic chap) used to be a surgeon. But because of a car accident, he injured his hand whilst using a piece of glass shard to cut the seat belt that constrained his girl friend. She died as a result of her injuries from the accident.

Baek Bom had proposed to his girl friend before the car accident and his girl friend rejected him and told him she was pregnant with his best pal, Yong’s son.

Yong subsequently committed suicide as a result of the loss of his girlfriend and foetus.

Yong’s brother subsequently went on to become Public Prosecutor to avenge his brother’s death whom he felt was murdered by Baek Bom.

For 10 years, he harbored hatred for Baek Bom and wants to entrap him or find evidence that would incriminate his for deliberate crashing the car to kill his spurned lover.

I have not watched the ending just yet but it is a good watch. I hope to finish it this weekend ha ha!


Difference Between Grandpa & Granny