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Acts Of Kindness – Around Us

on September 28, 2018

Today was my 3rd bus ride in my life.

Whilst waiting at the bus stop, a man pointed to me to sit in a bucket that was clean. He told me the others were dirty or wet.

He stood. A gentleman indeed.

He left before my bus arrived.

As my bus arrived I took my seat.

3 stops on, I saw an act of kindness by the bus captain who waited patiently for a commuter to rummage through her wallet to find her bus card. She was nonchalant about who she is inconveniencing.

The traffic lights changed 3 times before she found her bus card to tap her fare on boarding the bus.

The bus captain waited patiently as she looked through the many compartments of her handbag and wallet slots. No grumblings or scoldings or growls!

Yet the lady did not see fit to thank him for his patience nor apologise to us commuters who were delayed by 8 minutes just waiting for her before the bus moved.

I kept my bus card in my jeans pocket as I was mindful to tap in and out.

Lucky no other vehicle tooted the stationary bus to move it.

The other vehicles just drove away.

Guess what? She did the same when alighting! Sheesh! She was not even elderly. She is at most in her late forties, travelling with another lady with a 5 year old.

I laughed when I saw this meme on the internet. The person who posted it, commented that their “town council planning leaves alot to be desired” – so true!

Happy Friday folks. Laugh at my gentle reminder as you hit the pubs or bars or taverns tonight!


4 responses to “Acts Of Kindness – Around Us

  1. Have a good weekend! That meme was hilarious!

  2. scifihammy says:

    Ah so annoying of the ‘entitled’ passenger!
    And thanks for the fun cartoons.
    Happy Friday! 😀

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