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How Some Celebrated Halloween

My wife said to me yesterday, “Honey, I think we should do something really scary for the kids this Halloween.”

I said, “Well, we could always take them to your mother’s.”😝


Foot Verdict

Firstly, let me share hospital dramas…or comedy of errors.

It seems only these things happen to me.

Yesterday at about 12.30pm, a Dr Lee called me to say that I should go to the hospital by 8am today instead of 10am as they have an operation to perform.

Like a good patient I hobbled off and reached the clinic at 8am.

At registration, I was told to go Room 12. This was two aisles away.

For one with a painful foot, I lugged my leg and off I went.

3 minutes later the counter assistant produced another registration slip and approached me, explaining that I need to go to room 2 instead of room 12 where I was now at.

Again I lugged my foot going back two aisles to room 2 where I first started, near the registration counter.

As my touche barely rested on the chair, the same lady approached me to say..oh the doctor changed room again and that I need to go back to room 12.

Plus…the doctor is now going to surgery and that I should go have breakfast and be back by 11.30am.

What?!! I had enough and like a volcano started spewing lava…molten lava as I was riled. I need to walk very far to get breakfast and come back.

As I started spewing, room 12 opened and I was called in.

Dr Benjamin Ang said that he was in surgery till 3am this morning. He was not going into surgery till PM and I was told rubbish.

I was glad I did not shuffle off.

All that silliness from the counter lady!

Bad news is that I have a bad fracture. Dr Ang said “bad crack” alot of times and impressed upon me to rest and elevate my foot.

I was put on more hospitalization leave and he said that if I did not buddy splint my toe, and with movement, the fracture may not heal. If it does not heal, then I need surgery.

6 weeks to 3 months to heal and the next 2 weeks of immobilising foot was required.

He said a boot was not required.

He was also good at teaching me to rebut any Lord if I was asked why I am wearing slippers.

He told me to show off the bandages and asked then to bring shoes that fit and they will shut up🤣👍

I cannot thank the kind lady of thisendoftheswamp blog site who reminded me to rest the foot as well as others. Do visit her site for good reads and laughs.

I now have to behave and am working from home. Thank goodness for a kind Monkey Lord and Eunuch.🤗

More laughs required…and here is Ms Feisty’s Miffy to amuse me with her poses…


Definition Of Not An Alcoholic

I read an article the other day that said, “If you drink every day you are an alcoholic”…

Thank god I only drink every night…


So How Is My Little Fractured Toe

My little fractured toe has turned from normal color to red and then to purplish blue.

The sides of my left foot following the toe is puffy and still very much swollen.

Putting weight on it is painful and trying to squat and or get up from a sitting position is still very painful.

I for one, will never belittle the importance of the little toe and can empathise with those who lose their toes due to an accident or through diabetic amputations.

If I had not had this experience, I would not know what are the functions of a little toe – the last one.

It allows me to balance and arise from a sitting position to a standing position.

It lets me pick things up with my big toe and second toe – eg a piece of dropped clothing item. I used to do this as my spine sometimes does not work to let me bend. Since the fracture, I cannot do it.

The little toe balances my gait as without the use of it now, I have an antalgic gait – walk pattern to prevent pain when walking.

So, I have now learnt an invaluable lesson from this unfortunate accident – the little digits on my foot are terribly important. They do not just hold toe nails for me to color and show off when wearing open toe shoes but provide me with physical balance and gait.

Please take care of your toes and if you are doing construction work, please wear safety shoes and most accidents or incidents arise and people lose their toes unnecessarily.

Meanwhile hi ho hi ho as I hobble to the clinic…I hope my little toe and side of the foot are ok.

Fingers and workable toes crossed!


Silly Driver


How To Be Politically Correct At Work – Warning 18+ Profanity Everywhere

Dear Employees:
It has been brought to management’s attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their colleagues…
Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated…
We do, however, realise the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with colleagues.
Therefore, a list of 13 New and Innovative “TRY SAYING” phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner.

Try Saying:
I think you could do with more training
Instead of…
You don’t have a fucking clue, do you…?

Try Saying:
She’s an aggressive go getter.
Instead of…
She’s a fucking power-crazy bitch

Try Saying:
Perhaps I can work late
Instead Of:
And when the fuck do you expect me to do this…?

Try Saying:
I’m certain that isn’t feasible
Instead of…
Fuck off arse-wipe

Try Saying:
Really.. ?
Instead of…
Well fuck me backwards with a telegraph pole…

Try Saying:
Perhaps you should check with…
Instead of…
Tell someone who gives a fuck…

Try Saying:
I wasn’t involved in the project.
Instead of…
Not my fucking problem, mate…

Try Saying:
That’s interesting…
Instead of…
What the fuck…?

Try Saying:
I’m not sure this can be implemented within the given timescale…
Instead Of:
No fucking chance mate…

Try Saying:
It will be tight, but I’ll try to schedule it in
Instead of…
Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that yesterday…?

Try Saying:
He’s not familiar with the issues
Instead of…
He’s got his head up his fucking arse…

Try Saying:
Excuse me, sir…?
Instead Of:
Oi, fuckface…

Try Saying:
Of course, I was only going to be at home anyway..
Instead of…
Yeah, who needs fucking holidays anyway…


Off To The Hospital Tomorrow To Check On My Foot Fracture

My foot is now a gorgeous purple.

Continuous icing has brought the swelling down.

Pain killers have worked.

But my little toe digits cannot seem to move left and I have a burning sensation in the injured area. Sigh!

So, off I hobble tomorrow to see the Orthopaedic specialist at the hospital.

Maybe the Ortho Doctor will use this method to fix my foot!🤣

I hope my fractured little toe is not an issue. Sigh!

Maybe it is just taking a break as I totter about doing alot at work.

I easily clock 4,000 steps usually at work but with an injured foot haha I take the lift when going upstairs or downstairs for meeting as putting pressure on that foot hurts.

I still clock 4,300 steps today at work.

Anyway…all I can do is laugh…


How To Ruin Halloween?


Paddy Successfully Infuriates Wife


What Causes Spats Or Fights?

My definition of fights are not literal fist fights but defined arguments, acrimonious type proceedings or ugly spats.

I have observed that over the years, the type of spats or fights arise out of unrequited love and money.

Most times, it is over these 2 events.

Money is the root of all evil as quoted in the Bible (* I do not read the Bible and I hope I am correct in this quote of sorts”

But undeniably, without money, one cannot subsist.

Money is required to pay for utilities, clothes on our backs, roof over our heads, food on the table and payment for medical treatment when needed.

Without money, not even basic subsistence is met.

With some money but not enough, it means subsistence is barely met but educational needs may be omitted.

With enough money to go by, it does not provide much for entertainment or leisure. One needs to find self made toys for children to play with and no enrichment classes.

With a heck of a lot of money, it allows men to stray and find mistresses on the side. Women to indulge in luxuries of Hermes or Prada or branded handbags or garbs.

Fine dining, extravagance, sports cars or fancy parties become the norm for the opulent and with it, comes the decadence of life.

My motto is having enough to pay my bills, provide me with some extra pocket change to buy puzzles and if I can save up for my annual fishing trip to Perth to catch breams or King George’s Whitings or jig for squids!

Money may be the root of all evil but face it, without money we are in worst shape as we fall below societal norms and will never get ahead in social stratum of life and are deprived of education, medical needs or the right nutrients to nuture growing children and or feed their educational inquisitiveness!