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Meeting Duke Of Yore

on October 10, 2018

We all live a life,

Some with a wife.

We all live a life,

Sometimes filled with strife.

We all live a life,

Live it well.

Live it meaningfully.

Live it kindly.

Enough of my own soliloquy erm mainly conscience check…thank God I am nobody’s wife!

Think of the grief I would inflict my husband LOL!

Today I am in a meeting with Duke of Yore and other knights.

My committee members and I are planning to organise a trip for marginalized children with special needs to see the animals.

We discussed inclement weather.

What if it rains?

What is our plan B else we have 30 to 40 kids soaked to the skin?

We thought of Kai Kai and Chia Chia the pair of pandas, Ah Meng’s children..2nd generation Orang Utan that were born and raised in the zoo.

What about food?

What about rest areas?

What about “mooo la” or we say dollars $$$🤣

Problem solved, I chimed in.

We raised close to $50,000 and it will be enough to have 2 events.


I will take photos to share when the event happens in late November, weather holding of course!

3 responses to “Meeting Duke Of Yore

  1. Your event sounds like fun. I’m sure the children will enjoy it!

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